DiscoverLeader Talks with Anne-Marie Pham powered by CCDIEpisode 7 | Guests: Bhavna Duggal, Elizabeth Lim, Andi Shi
Episode 7 | Guests: Bhavna Duggal, Elizabeth Lim, Andi Shi

Episode 7 | Guests: Bhavna Duggal, Elizabeth Lim, Andi Shi

Update: 2022-05-31


Today’s episode is a special fireside chat with three very interesting Asian Leaders from across Canada, who will be sharing with us their insights and unique perspectives on what we do in our communities and workplaces to address anti-Asian racism. Anti-Asian racism, over the past two years, continues to trend upwards in Canada according to research. To talk more about it and better understand the issues at hand, we welcome our guests: First, Bhavna Duggal, a global financial service leader with over 16 years of finance management and advisory experience across Canada, Europe, and Asia. Next, Elizabeth Lim, an experienced and committed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) strategist and practitioner as well as a culturally curious leader who quickly understands organization and client needs. Lastly, we welcome Andi Shi, who is the Executive Director at CPAC, a multidimensional, not-for-profit organization that is a professionals association, a career service provider for internationally educated professionals and underprivileged youth, and also an independent research, training, and education organization for the advancement of racial equity, diversity, and inclusion. Please join us in our fireside chat with our panel guests as we dive into the much needed conversation about diversity, equity, and inclusion, the anti-Asian racism trends in Canada, hindering Asian stereotypes in leadership roles, and more.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • We hear some research findings regarding the anti-Asian racism trends in Canada.
  • An introduction to the panel guests. 
  • Elizabeth’s journey of being a diversity, equity, and inclusion leader with an Asian heritage.
  • Andi elaborates on their study about how different Asian stereotypes hinder Asian-Canadian people in leadership positions.
  • How Chinese/Asian culture affects perspective when it comes to leadership qualities.
  • Bhavna shares how Ascend Canada is working towards breaking down barriers for pan-Asian talent to reach their full potential.
  • Why making things awkward helps kickstart things into action.
  • Elizabeth comments on the responsibility of workplaces to sustain conversations around anti-Asian racism and support Asian colleagues and clients.
  • Programs to implement: DE&I strategies that address barriers and intersectionality.  
  • Andi talks about the current pulse of current concerns and opportunities at the community level; lack of awareness and lack of capacity.
  • The importance for Canadian citizens to learn about Asian history in the growth, expansion, and being of the country.
  • Bhavna shares tips on mindset, attitudes, and skills that have helped her be a more effective advocate for diversity and be an ally to address racism. 
  • We end off the episode with a live Q&A. 

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Episode 7 | Guests: Bhavna Duggal, Elizabeth Lim, Andi Shi

Episode 7 | Guests: Bhavna Duggal, Elizabeth Lim, Andi Shi

Anne-Marie Pham