DiscoverThe #InVinoFab PodcastEpisode #71: Networking Online Now
Episode #71: Networking Online Now

Episode #71: Networking Online Now

Update: 2020-12-07


In #InVinoFab episode no. 71, Patrice and Laura talk about what it means to network during a pandemic. How can we build meaningful relationships during these COVID-19 times? How are you connecting and growing  your professional network virtually right now? This episode reflects on how we’ve been networking online from August to November in a pandemic:Our #ProTips for Networking Online: 

  • Follow up when you meet someone online: send a thank you note & set an appointment

  • Schedule social meetings online: coffee, lunch, or wine?

  • Events around an issue, topic, or book

  • Listen and ask questions -- learn about other people's stories and experiences

  • Icebreakers for those break out rooms -- get to know one another first!

  • Include prompts and/or questions for coffee chats/shuffles/meetups online

  • Review the participants who might be attending a virtual conference -- schedule time to meet & chat with them

  • Find a new space and place to dedicate the time for virtual conferences - be present without the daily distractions, e.g. email, mobile, etc.

  • Reconnecting with current networks, peers, and friends

How are you continuing to expand and grow your network when we are working remotely? How will you join new communities or professional groups online?

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Episode #71: Networking Online Now

Episode #71: Networking Online Now

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