DiscoverReel FantasyEpisode 73 – Jack The Giant Killer
Episode 73 – Jack The Giant Killer

Episode 73 – Jack The Giant Killer

Update: 2018-11-02


1962’s Jack The Giant Killer, directed by Nathan Juran and written by Juran and Orville H. Hampton, is a rip-off! No joke! The producer, Edward Small, almost got sued! And sadly, that’s the most interesting thing about the film.

Jack The Giant Killer is based on the traditional Jack tales of Great Britain and stars Kerwin Mathews as Jack; Judi Meredith as Princess Elaine; and Torin Thatcher as Pendragon.

Nathan Juran, Kerwin Mathews, and Torin Thatcher had all previously worked together as the director and stars of 1958’s The Seventh Voyage Of Sinbad, a successful film featuring Ray Harryhausen stop-motion. Edward Small, hoping to replicate its success, did everything he could to replicate the film itself…except working with Harryhausen. And the stop-motion suffers because of it. And the movie suffers because of…everything.

Supposedly it did pretty well at the box office, but it’s still bland and boring. Our streak of un-enjoyable movies continues!

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Episode 73 – Jack The Giant Killer

Episode 73 – Jack The Giant Killer

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