DiscoverLife After MLMEpisode 74 - The BOO Crew
Episode 74 - The BOO Crew

Episode 74 - The BOO Crew

Update: 2021-12-012


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Welcome to DAY 1 of 9 DAYS OF HOLIDAY MAGIC in the month of December! After toying around with a multitude of inclusive yet topical names, I landed on 9 DAYS Of HOLIDAY MAGIC, named after the spirit of the season AND the MLM that was shut down by the FTC in 1974 after being found to be operating as a pyramid scheme. I hope your season is filled with the embodiment of HOLIDAY MAGIC, as we count down to 2022!

In August 2021, I heard about an MLM that was gaining popularity on social media called Black Oxygen Organics. A group of AntiMLM Advocates joined together to help create content and awareness across all platforms on a mysterious scam selling literal dirt as the cure to literally everything. The Boo Crew was born.

On November 23rd, an email went out to all BOO reps, letting them know that the MLM would be closing it's doors amongst recalls, bad reactions, lawsuits, and a growing social media awareness movement.

Obviously we had to hop on a zoom to chat with those who could! A bit of a warning, we have, at times, 5 very excited women on this chat, and mute was not always utilized, but I did my best! Thanks so much to Savannah Marie, Kat Benson, Jessica James and Amanda McQueen!!!


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Episode 74 - The BOO Crew

Episode 74 - The BOO Crew

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