DiscoverLife After MLMEpisode 75 - Jessica Hickson
Episode 75 - Jessica Hickson

Episode 75 - Jessica Hickson

Update: 2021-12-051


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Welcome to DAY 2 of 9 DAYS OF HOLIDAY MAGIC in the month of December! Named after the spirit of the season AND the MLM that was shut down by the FTC in 1974 after being found to be operating as a pyramid scheme. Don't forget to enter our GIVEAWAY to win a SIGNED & DOODLED copy of CULTISH from our friend Amanda Montell! Check our IG for details! I hope your season is filled with the embodiment of HOLIDAY MAGIC, as we count down to 2022!

Jessica and I have been trying to get together ever since our followers couldn't stop tagging us in each others videos to get our attention. IT WORKED YOU GUYS!!! Jess makes some of the funniest, brutally honest ExHun content on social media that I have ever seen. She is unapologetically herself, owns her mistakes and uses them to educate for good. In our chat we discuss the internal struggle of being "at the top" of the pyramid, what it REALLY looks like as you climb the pyramid, and what it REALLY takes to stay there. It might look like being in the 1% is worth all the time and effort, but Jessica's deep inside look at her time in ItWorks! paints quite the opposite picture.

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Episode 75 - Jessica Hickson

Episode 75 - Jessica Hickson

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