DiscoverEnjoy the VueEpisode 77: Enjoy the Petite Vue with Dave Rupert
Episode 77: Enjoy the Petite Vue with Dave Rupert

Episode 77: Enjoy the Petite Vue with Dave Rupert

Update: 2021-10-11


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Have you ever wished that Vue was smaller? We know we have. Petite-Vue is an astonishing 5.5KB, which is so small, it’s almost invisible. Dave Rupert, a developer at Paravel, joins us today to discuss all things Petite-Vue. We hear how this smaller version was released, and Dave shares what his experience of using it has been like. Often, when a framework is more compact, there are tradeoffs or sacrifices users have to make, but this does not seem to be the case with Petite-Vue. We talk about Alpine, how Petite-Vue is different, and we also get stuck into the use cases for Petite-Vue. Dave shares one of his totally wild ideas, which, naturally, Alex is all over. Our wide-ranging conversation also touches on interviews and what needs to change with them, templates and styles, and as usual, we wrap up with everyone’s picks for the week. Tune in to hear it all!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Get to know today’s guest, Dave Rupert.

  • Everyone's take on how they would feel if Vue was five kilobytes.

  • The story of how Petite-Vue came to be released.

  • Dave’s experience of using Alpine and some of the challenges he had with this.

  • What the jump from Vue to Petite-Vue is like.

  • Hear about the idea that Dave runs past Alex.

  • Some other great use cases for Petite-Vue.

  • Unpacking the broken coding interview system; things need to change.

  • Questioning some obscure hiring requirements.

  • The framework Dave uses given that he works in an agency.

  • In business, frameworks can become politicized and sites for contention.

  • Things other people do that make everyone believe they are monsters.

  • Diving into the world of template style and script.

  • Where you can find Dave online to tell him how wrong he is about all his choices.

  • Everyone’s picks for this week; there are some great ones!


“I think five kilobytes is the perfect stealth technology, like Alex is talking about that you can kind of sneak it into a project and no one’s going to go, ‘Hey, hey, hey, what’s going on now? I didn’t approve this.’” — @davatron5000 [0:02:54 ]

“I was kind of a late bloomer I guess for Vue but I just was like, you know, I think the more I’ve used Vue, the more it has all the features I like.” — @davatron5000 [0:37:36 ]

“I’m just saying if you drop the opening curly brace on a four loop, you’re a monster.” — @davatron5000 [0:47:58 ]

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Special Guest: Dave Rupert.

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Episode 77: Enjoy the Petite Vue with Dave Rupert

Episode 77: Enjoy the Petite Vue with Dave Rupert

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