Discoverinspired energyEpisode 77 - Kristen Ulmer | Fear Expert
Episode 77 - Kristen Ulmer | Fear Expert

Episode 77 - Kristen Ulmer | Fear Expert

Update: 2020-11-09


In this episode I chat with Kristen Ulmer, who is a thought leader on fear and anxiety. Kristen draws from her tenure as the most ‘fearless’ female extreme skier in the world, from intently studying Zen for 16 years and also from facilitating thousands of clients on flow and peak performance.

This chat was a deep dive into the philosophy of fear, how and where it shows it up and how you can respond to it with insightful anecdotes from Kristen's extreme previous life and more recent interpersonal experiences with people whom you would consider ‘fearless’. We also cover exactly why some people struggle with anxiety and others don’t, fear and your flow state, and why calling people fearless sets our society up to live under an impossible ideal.

You will definitely want to take notes on this one! Especially around Kristen’s top three tips to start embracing your fear.

Key episode highlights include:

  • If you embrace fear, it just feels like excitement and presence.

  • We can’t see what’s really going on in our undercurrent until we raise our antenna (our awareness).

  • You cannot have less fear by controlling it. The ONLY way you can have less fear is by taking risks and expanding your comfort zone.

  • Your unwillingness to feel fear is actually what’s holding you back - not fear itself.

If you are yearning for more then you can grab a copy of Kristen's book here.

And the best place to connect with Kristen is via her website (don't forget to take her quiz), Facebook or take up the opportunity to meet her in person at her ski camp in Alta, Utah.

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Episode 77 - Kristen Ulmer | Fear Expert

Episode 77 - Kristen Ulmer | Fear Expert

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