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Episode 78: setTimeout(newEpisode)

Episode 78: setTimeout(newEpisode)

Update: 2021-10-181


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This week, The Enjoy the Vue panel digs into the topic of asynchronous event loops: how it can save you time, but also how it can trip you up. Asynchronous update queues are an efficient way for platforms like Vue to save time and energy by recognizing a group of similar commands and doing a batch run at the same point in time. We get into event loops, how the term ‘next tick’ came about, and how synchronous stacking can cause a Stack Overflow Error. You’ll also hear some of our favorite terminal commands, including a special tidbit on how to say ‘please’ to your computer! Lastly, we share our picks of the week that will add joy, intrigue, and deliciousness to your life, so make sure you tune in to hear it all!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s topic: asynchronous event loop in JavaScript.

  • An asynchronous update queue and why Vue uses one.

  • Why an asynchronous update queue is so efficient.

  • How an asynchronous update queue can also sometimes cause problems.

  • Where the term ‘next tick’ originated and how it is applied today.

  • A breakdown of event loops and stack heaps.

  • Tessa shares her understanding of blocking.

  • Why a blocking operation is synchronous.

  • Alex explains what the heap is and how items transition to the stack.

  • Recursive functions and the stack overflow error message.

  • The team shares their favorite terminal commands.

  • Hear our picks for the week, which include gourmet sour gummies, intriguing portraits, and a fascinating new board game! 


“When you make a change to your data in Vue, it doesn't happen right away because that would potentially be inefficient. What it does is it groups all the changes together and then batch runs through them at a set point in time. That's the queue that they all get added to.” — @EnjoyTheVueCast [0:02:04 ]

“Basically, it's like doing your math without showing the work. That's what Vue does. Teachers love it.” — @EnjoytheVueCast [0:03:20 ?]

“My understanding is that blocking doesn't mean it never happens. It's just like I'm going to save all of these user interactions until the next time that the queue is free. Then, I'm going to jam all of them in there. You're going to get all 500 clicks in one second.” — @EnjoytheVueCast [0:18:25 ]

“There is this nebulous event that may or may not happen. When it happens, that click, that event doesn't necessarily fire immediately. It gets put on the end of the event queue, the event loop queue.” — @EnjoytheVueCast [0:19:16 ]

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Episode 78: setTimeout(newEpisode)

Episode 78: setTimeout(newEpisode)

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