DiscoverWall of Sound: Up Against The WallEpisode #78 feat. Tony Campos of Static-X
Episode #78 feat. Tony Campos of Static-X

Episode #78 feat. Tony Campos of Static-X

Update: 2019-06-21


Here is a sentence we never thought we'd be saying again: Static-X are touring Australia again! Believe it or not, but three of four OG members are back and heading down under for a tour like no other which will serve not only as the 20th Anniversary of their breakthrough album Wisconsin Death Trip but also a Memorial Tribute to their late frontman Wayne Static, who passed away back in 2014. The news has divided fans (some for, some against the idea) but bassist Tony Campos is on this weel's podcast chatting all about it to clear the air and answer any concerns fans may have had.

Podcast host Browny, despite being a fan, takes both sides of the argument to get the truth from the band and find out if the right intentions are at play here or if this is another one of those cash grabs from fans, but from what you'll hear, every intricate detail about this tour has been well planned, thought out and even received the blessings of Wayne's family before the ball was even rolling and it seems the people that want this the most are Static-X's longterm fans who even pledged their own money for the band's new album, Project Regeneration, which wouldn't have seen the light of day if it wasn't for their contributions. Tony also delves into the current status of the album and how they're using old vocal recordings from studio sessions before Wayne passed to create a brand new album from the band, featuring original members Tony Campos, Ken Jay and Koichi Fukuda.

There's also throwbacks from Megadeth, dope, Rammstein, Coal Chamber and Fear Factory, New Music from SKYND, Sleeping With Sirens and Bare Bones + heaps more...

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Episode #78 feat. Tony Campos of Static-X

Episode #78 feat. Tony Campos of Static-X

Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall