Episode 8: Ultra Vires

Episode 8: Ultra Vires

Update: 2022-11-2184


In the wake of the sedition trial's collapse, Justice Department prosecutor John Rogge travels overseas and uncovers a bombshell. He finds evidence of a coordinated effort to subvert American democracy… as well as the names of high-profile Americans involved. Rogge then returns to America... and goes rogue. Risking his career as a prosecutor, he makes public what he's discovered about the fascist threat and the Americans who supported it. And he offers a prescient warning about an American criminal justice system that is ill-equipped to defend democracy from those who seek to destroy it.


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Nancy Guenther Dougherty

Excellent series! Rachael, you've amazed me once again with your reporting. How approp for the current chaos in Washington and hidden deals. I've never heard the Woody Guthrie's "Lindbergh" song.

Jan 13th

Julie Nance

Everyone needs to hear this. All the parallels today to this history Rachel brilliantly lays out for us- scare the shit out of me. My jaw dropped too many times to count. I'm scared for our future...it feels like the major leaders of the ultra right wing movement of today have studied history and they're repeating those things that worked back then. The rest of America was ill equipped then and ... I fear we are even less prepared to deal with these threats. It's sobering to think- all these people talked about in this podcast, all the Nazis, domestic terrorists, many of whom were members of freaking Congress...remained Americans. They have children and grandchildren living today, perhaps spreading the same ideals they pushed. I'm surprised there was only one current-day name drop: Glenn Beck. Absolute shame on him for bringing these ideas back up, spreading it to his listeners. I expected or hoped Rachel had traced lineages of the people she highlighted. It would be interesting to know if there are any descendents who hold any type of office now. Journalists, office holders, DOJ and other government officials- please please hold the line with your integrity, fight for democracy.

Dec 6th

Alesia Baldwin

Another great podcast. Thank you for reminding us of our history. The educational systems seems to have forgotten to teach this even on collegiate levels! High praises 👏

Dec 1st

Eli Rivers

Thank you very much Rachel et al. I hope Heather Cox Richardson is aware of this hidden history. She also supports the "pendulum" view of our politics, however hers is more related to economics. Here, it's between democratic vs totalitarian.

Nov 29th

Anna Marroquin

Thank you all for putting this together to inform those of us who listened. I had no idea that our Government had done this before. I'm shocked and at the same time I'm not, given where we are today. Thank God for Rachel Meadow and all of you 💜 Again thank you all.

Nov 23rd

Janet Ploss

Rachel, This is the finest piece of journalism I have ever experienced. You are an amazing storyteller, meticulous researcher and you chose a story that could not be more relevant. Thank you!!!

Nov 22nd


Brilliantly written and researched by Maddow and the entire team. Brava!

Nov 22nd


The ACLU, needs to pay attention to these historical lessons that we know little to nothing about. This needs to be made into a movie for sure, quite an inheritance, thanks Rachel for shining a light on all this!

Nov 22nd

Sassy Saint

Netflix needs to make a mini series of ULTRA. Excellent work Rachel and to all those who worked on this!

Nov 21st
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Judy Huelskamp

Never learned about this in era in history. Another amazing Maddow project. Thank you.

Nov 21st
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Episode 8: Ultra Vires

Episode 8: Ultra Vires

Charles Gallagher, Nancy Beck Young, Steven Ross, Rachel Maddow, Bradley Hart