DiscoverThe Mobile Home Park Expert PodcastEpisode 8 - Cost Segregation With Yonah Weiss
Episode 8 - Cost Segregation With Yonah Weiss

Episode 8 - Cost Segregation With Yonah Weiss

Update: 2019-09-17


Joined by special guest Yonah Weiss, the eighth episode of The Mobile Home Expert Podcast delves into something we all find confusing, tax law. As a tax deduction expert who focuses on cost segregation, Yonah gets Glenn and Jason excited about the potential savings cost segregation can provide for MHP owners.

:50 -- Meet Yonah Weiss, the cost segregation expert.
2:35 -- Cost segregation, the little-known tool for MHP owners and real estate investors.
3:41 -- What cost segregation actually is.
4:18 -- Depreciation, The IRS’s gift to real estate investors.
5:16 -- Depreciative Capture Tax - what you pay when you sell a property.
6:18 -- Cost segregation as a one-time thing.
7:46 -- How cost segregation can help you have a better bottom line.
9:33 -- You can’t save like this in other industries.
10:19 -- The opportunity to expand returns.
10:48 -- MHP and cost segregation.
11:36 -- It takes an expert, not just your accountant, to handle cost segregation.
13:48 -- MHPs benefit from cost segregation so much because of land improvements.
16:18 -- The average savings that result from cost segregation.
18:15 -- It’s an underutilized tool.
18:48 -- Yonah’s process.
20:43 -- How this applies to land lease parks.
21:48 -- Bonus Depreciation, a new law you may not know about, but is great for MHP owners.
25:05 -- The lot-lease MHP advantage when it comes to cost segregation.
25:54 -- Who should call Yonah?
27:24 -- How Glenn could have benefitted from cost segregation in his past.
28:30 -- Tax laws do have an expiration date. What’s the future for this one?
29:16 -- What was the incentive that motivated this law?
31:23 -- Differences regarding allocation for park-owned homes.
32:30 -- How to find Yonah to request a free estimate.
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Episode 8 - Cost Segregation With Yonah Weiss

Episode 8 - Cost Segregation With Yonah Weiss

Glenn Esterson