DiscoverThe Life & Times of Video GamesEpisode 8 - The Tomb Raider grid (part 2)
Episode 8 - The Tomb Raider grid (part 2)

Episode 8 - The Tomb Raider grid (part 2)

Update: 2018-02-18


Continuing the story from Part 1, this is how the original Tomb Raider's grid-based engine/level editor impacted on the series, on Lara Croft's rise to fame, and on the shifting sands of blockbuster game development. This episode also discusses the place that such a grid system has — or might have — in game design today. Featuring input from former Core Design artists and level designers Heather Stevens and Andy Sandham as well as programmer Gavin Rummery.

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Selected portions of the original soundtracks from Tomb Raider 1 and Tomb Raider 2, composed by Nathan McCreeAnd everything else is my own work.

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Episode 8 - The Tomb Raider grid (part 2)

Episode 8 - The Tomb Raider grid (part 2)

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