DiscoverWhy We RunEpisode 8. The Struggle Bus
Episode 8. The Struggle Bus

Episode 8. The Struggle Bus

Update: 2019-09-13


 Let's face it, running isn't always the best. Sometimes you get injured, and you can't run, and when you look at everyone else running with all your friends, you are like, "Hey! I thought we were together!" This episode is about that spot. Injuries, being in your head and trying to find the loving mojo.
 The first interview is Brenda who is definitely on the struggle bus. She is started off loving running and then they had a falling out, and now they are trying to get it back on.
  Second, up is our Running Evolution coach Pamela who has a marathon in a few weeks in Berlin, and she hasn't been training for yet. She is very open about why she started running and what she likes about coaching. Spoiler alert, it's the people.
   Last up is Greg who coaches for Rain Bear running up in Port Angeles with his lovely wife Carman (who was one of my first runners when I started coaching). He spins about how he started running and how he and his wife made some huge life changes and running was one of them.
 **This episode is sponsored by Coach Running Evolution. If you are a runner and want to start coaching people to start running, check out Coach Running Evolution. Online classes start at the end of the week. 









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Episode 8. The Struggle Bus

Episode 8. The Struggle Bus

Beth Baker