DiscoverAustin Art TalkEpisode 81: MAKE YOUR SH*T - Rohitash Rao
Episode 81: MAKE YOUR SH*T - Rohitash Rao

Episode 81: MAKE YOUR SH*T - Rohitash Rao

Update: 2020-02-03


"You know what, all that matters is that you find a way, however you have to do it, to just keep making your shit. Whatever that is. Just don’t stop. Any creative person. It’s so easy not to. Just find a way. Just don’t stop. You have to give yourself that opportunity. It’s a lot easier now than ever. So by whatever means you have please take advantage of it and go make your stuff, because you’re not getting younger."

Rohitash Rao makes cool stuff. Funny stuff. And a lot of it. Lucky for us he recently moved to Austin to take a teaching job as an assistant professor at the Stan Richards School of Advertising. Since childhood Ro has been a prolific creator, drawing and painting on anything he can get his hands on. Studying at Art Center in LA gave him a chance to try all different types of art creation and also learn how to pitch ideas and tell stories. Over the years he has worked as an award winning art director, illustrator, animator, has made a documentary, short films, music videos, stop motion, has co-written seven children's books, has exhibited his art numerous times, and is about to release an album of songs that he will be performing live with his band. Through his art creation he explores his personal experiences and also shares his often humorous commentary on the state of the world, with the belief that comedy and art are therapeutic and can lessen the weight of life. Keep smiling and make your shit.

OF COURSE I'M HAPPY Spray paint and acrylic on found wood 38 x 48 inches

Bio courtesy of Rohitash

Rohitash Rao’s art is a reflection of our culture. His work reflects our over-consuming society, often made on the very things that we throw away. His work is a conceptual (and often funny) take on the way we live.

As a friend put it, “Ro's art puts our society up against a funhouse mirror into which the dog of irony continually dives at its own reflection.”

Rohitash Rao is an award-winning art director, animator and director. He has co-created and illustrated 7 children’s books published by Harper Collins, made an animated TV pilot for 20th Century Fox and has had 12 solo shows as a fine-artist. He currently works as an assistant professor at the Stan Richards School of Advertising at the University of Texas in Austin.

YOUR PROBLEMS ARE NOT CONVENIENT Spray paint and acrylic with cut out eyes from magazines on found fast food cup Roughly 4 x 6 inches

Upcoming group exhibition

I Picked You A Flower

Opening Reception Feb 7th, 7-10pm

February 8th - March 14th

Vault Stone Shop

4361 S. Congress Ave, Suite 103

Austin, TX 78745

FLOWERS WILTING IN GLASS BOWL Acrylic on wood 24 x 24 inches

Some of the subjects we discuss:


The 100th painting

Very specific/organized

Calculated spontaneity

Just steeping stones

Found objects

Being intentional

Marlboro box story

Art for beer

Canopy studio

Rancho Cucamonga

Interesting upbringing

Being American

Hobby and Jobby

Art as career?

Chemistry class

Art Center everything

Building a portfolio

Art director job

Move to NYC/filmmaking


Documentary/spec reel

Switch to animation

Battle of the Album Covers

Poison music video

Curious Pictures

Move to L.A.

Book deals/Studio


Starting to teach

Advertising at UT

American culture & creativity

Working with students

6th & Lamar assignment

Talking trash on trash

Humor and laughing

Early influences

More serious work

Ro Hit Records

I drive and I eat

Videos for songs

Why stop motion

The books

Social media

Make your shit

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Intro music generously provided by Stan Killian

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Episode 81: MAKE YOUR SH*T - Rohitash Rao

Episode 81: MAKE YOUR SH*T - Rohitash Rao

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