DiscoverImperfect MarketingEpisode 83: Sending Cold Emails
Episode 83: Sending Cold Emails

Episode 83: Sending Cold Emails

Update: 2023-03-28


What's a cold email and how do you send them? Great question!

A cold email is just something you send to someone who hasn’t done business with you. You might know them, or you might not.

Pro tip: This type of email should NOT be sent to someone you found on a huge purchased email list.

Instead, send it 1:1 and keep it personalized to the person you are sending it to.

This should be really short. No one reads anymore, and time is valuable. If the person doesn't know you well, odds are they won't invest time in reading a long message.

Crucial cold email info? 

  • establish a connection
  • explain what you are looking for 
  • have a call to action
  • then close

The end.

Short, sweet, and to the point. 

When I send a cold email, I don’t like to send something super salesy. Instead, I ask for help or feedback.

I might be doing some research, or I'll have a new downloadable that I thought they might benefit from and would like feedback.

My cold emails aren’t usually super cold, and I often have a shared acquaintance give an introduction. This could be on LinkedIn, at an event, or from a person at the Chamber or even a friend. 

There are so many ways to make a cold email less cold, but it's critical not to overlook them.

How do you warm up your emails? What has your experience been sending them? I'd love to hear your thoughts at!

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Episode 83: Sending Cold Emails

Episode 83: Sending Cold Emails

Kendra Corman