DiscoverEnjoy the VueEpisode 86: Our Oscar Award-Winning Episode
Episode 86: Our Oscar Award-Winning Episode

Episode 86: Our Oscar Award-Winning Episode

Update: 2022-01-31


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Today we have a special introduction to the newest member of our team! That means that we will be freewheeling through all things Oscar, taking in his history, current work, love of games, cocktails, music, and a whole lot more that you are not going to want to miss. To kick things off we hear from Oscar about his early interest in computers and tech, and how he began messing around with coding in high school. We also talk about the first time he used JavaScript, his initial thoughts on Vue and the community, and what keeps him excited about working with computers. From there, the conversation takes a decidedly casual turn to the other things that Oscar is passionate about, namely his piano, playing mobile games, going to restaurants, and making cocktails! We even get to hear about Oscar's dream to open a cocktail bar one day before we do a round of this week's picks. So to get it all, listen in and listen up, as we bring you the Oscarsode!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Oscar's background, different jobs, and the paid open-source project he is currently managing. 

  • First experiences of coding during high school, and Oscar's entry into college.

  • Oscar's first job and early experiences of starting to work with Vue and the community. 

  • Tracing Oscar's passion for games and game design. 

  • Oscar's keen musical interests and a little about the piano that he owns! 

  • Thoughts on an important battle: Slack versus Discord!

  • The restaurant scene in Boston, and Oscar's passion for food and cocktails. 

  • Oscar admits his life goal of opening a cocktail bar one day. 

  • This week's picks; the new Beatles documentary, Alba, cleaning vlogs, and more!

  • How to find Grain and connect with Oscar on Twitter and GitHub.


“I got into technology, sort of the way I feel a lot of people do. Just playing around with computers, and just having a good time.” — @oscar_spen [0:05:58 ]

“When I do get a chance, I love just relaxing and playing simple video games, stuff like that.” — @oscar_spen [0:21:52 ]

“Find the things that you think you're awesome at. Also, find the things that you think that you can learn and keep growing.” — @oscar_spen [0:31:05 ]

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This week's Picks:

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Episode 86: Our Oscar Award-Winning Episode

Episode 86: Our Oscar Award-Winning Episode

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