DiscoverZorkCast powered by TravelZorkEpisode 86 More Thoughts About Casino Hosts
Episode 86 More Thoughts About Casino Hosts

Episode 86 More Thoughts About Casino Hosts

Update: 2020-06-17


Join us on the show as we are taking this opportunity to continue exploring the question of whether you should have a casino host! Following on from the last episode, we talk about the impact of comps and why never to feel bad about making the most of what you have earned. The conversation also covers the apparent difference in standards for foreigners and local casino visitors and how these norms may have changed recently. Michael and Steve (LasVegasUK on Twitter)  underline the importance of staying light of foot and not getting too attached to any single casino or loyalty system — open-mindedness is your ally! The last part of today’s discussion is spent considering the potential downsides of having a host, the most notable of which might be the pressure to play more and live up to a standard you have set. Join us for all this and more on ZorkCast!

Key Points From This Episode:

• Perceptions of different treatment for foreigners and locals.
• Using up comps and making the most of the credits you have earned.
• The importance of staying open-minded and unattached to a single loyalty program.
• Disadvantages of having a host; irrational responsibility, pressure, etc.
• Michael and Steve’s best experiences of hosts and weighing these against the drawbacks.

Introducing the new co-host for ZorkCast Steve - LasVegasUK
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Episode 86 More Thoughts About Casino Hosts

Episode 86 More Thoughts About Casino Hosts

Michael Mason Trager and Steve White