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Episode 93: Hiatus

Episode 93: Hiatus

Update: 2022-06-20


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Everybody needs a break sometimes. That’s why we’re going on a brief hiatus! We know you will miss us while we’re gone so, to keep you entertained until our return, we are sharing some extra special picks in today’s episode. From the Steam Deck to the wonderful game of chess, from Inventing Anna to a new season of Taskmaster, we have an exciting list of games and bingeable TV shows for you, plus one or two movies, a horror novella, and some flashy moves too! Don’t miss this special edition of Enjoy the Vue, especially since it will be our last for a while. Thanks for joining us!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Diving right into our special edition picks, starting with the Steam Deck.

  • Why Ari says half the fun of watching Inventing Anna is imitating the accent.

  • Oscar’s movie pick: Everything Everywhere All at Once and why you should watch it.

  • Tessa’s experience of playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses on Nintendo Switch.

  • Ghosts on BBC One (not the American version!) and Severance on Apple TV+.

  • Oscar shares a pick he may or may not have mentioned previously: Slay the Spire.

  • Why Tessa recommends Better Call Saul, even if you haven’t seen Breaking Bad.

  • Ari on why Horizon: Forbidden West is everything she “hoped and dreamed of and more.”

  • Play a game of chess between meetings with Oscar on!

  • The diversity and inclusivity of the cast on The Good Doctor on ABC.

  • A game show and a dramatization; Game Changer and The Girl from Plainville.

  • Why Oscar suggests practicing flashy moves for when you play tabletop games.

  • Tessa offers up an animated film, a book, a YouTube show, and a ginger seltzer.

  • Oscar shares his professional opinion on whether seltzer is better out of a bottle or a can.

  • We leave you with some classic Enjoy the Vue ‘goofing’ to close the show!


“Severance, which is on Apple TV+, [is] honestly one of the best shows I have ever watched. Every moment is so intentional, even if it doesn't seem like it in the moment.” — @EnjoyTheVueCast [0:11:44 ]

“If you want to just play a game [of chess] in the background with some folks between meetings, you just pop over to the [] tab, make a move, smile at how smart you are, and continue on.” — @EnjoyTheVueCast [0:26:07 ]

“It's less about your ability to play [a game] and more about how high your intimidation skill is.” — @EnjoyTheVueCast [0:37:53 ]

“People will disagree with me on this point, but I think your first chug of seltzer should be approximately half the can. You may take sips after that, but the initial chug should be about half the can to be enjoyed immediately.” — @EnjoyTheVueCast [0:45:18 ]

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Episode 93: Hiatus

Episode 93: Hiatus

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