DiscoverThe All The Fly Kids ShowEpisode 96: "Everybody Eats" with Ashtin R. Berry
Episode 96: "Everybody Eats" with Ashtin R. Berry

Episode 96: "Everybody Eats" with Ashtin R. Berry

Update: 2019-03-12


Hospitality is a fabric weaved into all our lives - for better or worse. You've probably eaten at a restaurant with waitstaff, with many of us having worked at a bar or restaurant in some capacity. There's plenty good and not-so-good to be experienced as a bar/restaurant employee or patron. We decided to bring in someone who is working to make these experiences better for Black folks, people of color, women, LGBTQ people in particular. This week's guest is writer, consultant, and hospitality activist Ashtin R. Berry. She's also co-founder of Radical Xchange - a hospitality creative agency serving intersectional content by way of food, beverage, and culture. We get into the nitty-gritty of the industry and get some new Random Aside perspectives, too. One of our most dynamic guests and realest episodes yet. #NecessaryListening

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Episode 96: "Everybody Eats" with Ashtin R. Berry

Episode 96: "Everybody Eats" with Ashtin R. Berry

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