DiscoverMama Bear ApologeticsEpisode 99: How Christianity Changed the World for the Better.
Episode 99: How Christianity Changed the World for the Better.

Episode 99: How Christianity Changed the World for the Better.

Update: 2024-03-05



Join us for a thought-provoking discussion with Dr. Jeff Myers of Summit Ministries, as we explore the vital connection between a biblical worldview and the flourishing of science, justice, and compassion in society. Listen in as we tackle the myth that Christianity is at odds with scientific progress and uncover how faith has been a driving force behind some of the most significant advancements in history. We also counter common misconceptions about Christian indifference toward life post-birth, justice, and environmental concerns, showcasing how Christian teachings have been integral to shaping a world where every life is valued and cared for.

We discuss the Christian belief in the sanctity of human life and how this has translated into actions that shaped the foundations of adoption, healthcare, and social justice. The role of Christians in art, science, politics, and education is highlighted, revealing an often unrecognized legacy that continues to nurture human dignity and freedom.

Finally, we address the crucial task of empowering our children with the skills to critically assess the worldviews they encounter. Learn how asking insightful questions can guide our children towards critical thinking, discernment, and an appreciation for diverse perspectives. Discover how to equip the next generation with the ability to sift through information with wisdom, and join us as we stand together as Mama Bears, committed to nurturing and defending the truth for our families and communities.


  • How have Christianity and Christians historically impacted the world?
  • How have Christians historically been pro-life advocates?
  • How have Christians stood for justice over the course of history?
  • How is the biblical worldview distinctly different than other worldviews?
  • How do we engage with kids who are coming home from college with questions or new ideological thoughts?

People and Resources Mentioned


  • Working Definition of Justice: The idea that we are to treat every person as an image bearer of God.
  • Tort Law: The concept of tort law is to redress a wrong done to a person and provide relief from the wrongful acts of others.
  • String Theory: string theory is a theoretical framework in which the point-like particles of particle physics are replaced by one-dimensional objects called strings.

Thanks to Our Sponsors

This episode is made possible in part by the support of Summit Ministries. Our hope, like yours, is that your children will grow up to develop an unshakeable faith, to be followers of Jesus Christ and live out His call on their lives in a way that brings God’s glory and flourishing. That’s one of the reasons we love Summit. Summit takes biblical worldview training and makes it seriously fun. If you have a child between the ages of sixteen to twenty-two, send them to a two week conference in Colorado or Georgia this summer. Learn more at Save $200 when you use the code ROAR24–and another $200 if you register before March 31st. Register today at

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Episode 99: How Christianity Changed the World for the Better.

Episode 99: How Christianity Changed the World for the Better.

Hillary Morgan Ferrer & Amy Davison