DiscoverNowhere, On AirEpisode Nine: Elliot Phone Home
Episode Nine: Elliot Phone Home

Episode Nine: Elliot Phone Home

Update: 2020-12-22


Someone sent a recording into the station, and it’s pretty good— not sure what it is, but it’s good! Our first story comes from a traveler through. If you have had an experience similar to Anika Sanderson, please contact us at the station. The mountains have moved in a little closer today, but weatherman Todd says he isn’t worried. Plus, a mystery caller-- and some breaking news we hope is not related.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of either Elliot Housley or Tanner Walling, or any information about the Crowsnest River body, please contact the RCMP.

The voice of the poet is Jessica Nguyen. The voice of Martha is Daylin Chase. The voice of Elliot is Jonas Swain. The voice of today's sponsor is Aaron Potvin.

Nowhere On Air is created, voiced and produced by Jess Syratt. Cover art by Moon Hermit Crab on Instagram.

Have a small town story to tell you think our listeners might enjoy (that by no means has to be true)? Want to be one of our callers, or "sponsors"? Have questions about any of that, or anything, or just want to say hi?

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Episode Nine: Elliot Phone Home

Episode Nine: Elliot Phone Home