DiscoverThe IcePodEpisode Two - The Set-up Scene
Episode Two - The Set-up Scene

Episode Two - The Set-up Scene

Update: 2020-01-27


On our second episode we take a further look behind the scenes of MOSAiC. The master student and professional photographer Thea Schneider was one of the lucky ones, namely one of the twenty early career scientists who went on board the Russian icebreaker Akademik Fedorov, which supported Polarstern in the Central Arctic.
In our interview, Thea tells us about the difficulties of assembling a sea-ice buoy without IKEA instructions, what a smoking curl has to do with Arctic turbulences, and how lonesome you can (not) be as a vegetarian among Russian meat-eaters.
How does a photographer look at the Arctic, and how does a physicist? - Both are very creative, and with Thea, everything comes together. Because at heart, she is a theoretical physicist: she loves equations; through physics she found a way to make her photography more complete.
And, if you are looking for a PhD student who likes modelling and at the same time enjoys field work in the Arctic, maybe Thea is the choice...

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Episode Two - The Set-up Scene

Episode Two - The Set-up Scene

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