DiscoverWhat the HELL Were You Thinking?Epsidoe 262: You're Not the Boss of Me Now
Epsidoe 262:  You're Not the Boss of Me Now

Epsidoe 262: You're Not the Boss of Me Now

Update: 2020-05-22


Episode 262: “You’re Not the Boss of Me Now” This week Host Dave Bledsoe discovers wearing a mask actually IS quite comfortable and is sure everyone will be wearing them in the future. On the show this week, we examine the latest in our ongoing series of Dumb Culture Wars: Masks. (We can’t believe this is even a thing!) Along the way we explore America’s long history of resenting people trying to save our lives starting with the Great Seatbelt Wars of the 1980’s. (We have a LONG history of being really dumb.) Then we dive right into the controversy with a small number of very noisy Americans refusal to wear a mask. (It is exactly the people you think it is.) We look at the various and specious “reasons” why people refuse to wear one, from religious to terror of people discovering how small and insignificant their penis actually is. (Thimble Dick is perhaps one of the most cutting pet names for the POTUS we’ve used to date!) We then give a full and fair hearing to those Americans who feel wearing a mask infringes on their Constitution Right to be assholes before telling them to sit down and shut the hell up. (Which is the actual court precedent for ALL arguments along these lines.) Our Sponsor this week is Frankie’s Freedom Warehouse, where your assault rifle is welcome but your mask is NOT! (Condolences to Frankie’s family on his recent death from Covid 19) We open the show with a genuine damn hero working at Costco and close with Dilute Creative who want to know that we are NOT in charge around here. Show Theme: The Show on Twitter: The Show on Facebook: The Show on Soundcloud Give us your money on Patreon The Show Line: 347 687 9601 Closing Music: Citations Needed: COVID-19: How much protection do face masks offer? Ohio legislator cites God for refusing to wear face mask during coronavirus crisis Men are less likely to wear masks – another sign that toxic masculinity kills Masks Reveal New Social Norms: What a Difference a Plague Makes

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Epsidoe 262:  You're Not the Boss of Me Now

Epsidoe 262: You're Not the Boss of Me Now

Dave Bledsoe