Eric Sain - President of Florida Realtors

Eric Sain - President of Florida Realtors

Update: 2019-09-16


In this episode, we were able to snag an hour of time from Eric Sain as he prepares to leave for a trade mission to Dubai with 350 other Florida Realtors to learn and educate on how we do the business of real estate.

Eric is the Current President of Florida Realtors and the District Sales Manager for illustrative properties in Central Florida.  Eric has been licensed in Florida since 1998.  He does still actively list and sell so he knows what we are currently dealing with in today's market.

What does Eric think are the top struggles that agents are faced with?

  • Agents Don't take the job seriously.  
  • Agents Don't treat it like a REAL job.  
  • Agents Don't respect their own time.
  • Agents Don't put the right systems in place.
  • Stay in your lane!
  • highest and best use of your time!
  • Self Awareness (nod to Gary V)

How can we improve the level of professionalism in the industry

  • C2EX (You guys should work on completing this course)
  • Find mentors who are doing it at a high level
  • NAR/FAR/Local education
  • Monitor yourself for opportunities to improve your professionalism
    • Be on time
    • Abide by the code of ethics
    • know the contracts and addenda
    • "golden rule"
  • If you are new, ask seasoned agents questions
  • If you are seasoned, take the time to answer the questions
  • Attend conferences and conventions and NETWORK with top agents

What should new agents be doing?

  • Understand WHEN you are at your best!  (more self-awareness) if you cold call and prospect make sure you schedule those events for when you are at your best.  If you aren't a morning person maybe don't do calls first thing in the am.
  • Track your results so you have real data to know what's working and more importantly what's NOT working!  
  • Follow up, Follow up, Follow up!
  • Evaluate your investments.
  • Invest in your relationships!
  • New customer consultations.  Set proper expectations at the very beginning!
  • Be better prepared for showings...don't just rush out to show the property.

Dubai Trade Mission

  • Taking 350 agents to Dubai to share educational efforts and how we buy and sell real estate in the US.

Final tips

  • Find people you can trust in the business.  Agents you can model your career after.
  • Be patient, know what you're getting into. 
  • Have a working knowledge of the business.
  • Build Trust
  • Ask questions

If you would like to connect with Eric you can find him on Facebook here:

Here is the video that Eric mentioned about Dubai:

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Our host Rick Gonzalez is a Realtor with eXp Realty LLC in the NW Florida Panhandle, and Team Leader of the Freeport Insider Home Team.  Rick is a US Navy Veteran.  Rick also founded The Freeport Insider, a local community on social media helping to support his small but rapidly growing community.  Rick has also served as the Vice President of his local Freeport Merchants Association helping educate, market and support the local business in his market.  Rick is a Son, Husband to his wonderfully supportive and beautiful wife Katrina, and Father to 3 amazing

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Lets talk about Trust!


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Eric Sain - President of Florida Realtors

Eric Sain - President of Florida Realtors

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