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Eric Winters: Swipe Right on Your Best Self

Eric Winters: Swipe Right on Your Best Self

Update: 2021-09-03


In this inspiring interview, I have an amazing conversation with π„π«π’πœ π—ͺ𝐒𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬, who is all about #gratititudeattitude and personal growth, like myself. We had so much fun recording this and I know that you, my Fearless Listner will get tons of value. We talked about Regrets, Change and how to be more purposeful with your business and in your life. ⁣


Eric is a self-leadership coach, black-belt hand-washer, speaker, and author with deep knowledge in the science of building courageous and emotionally intelligent mindsets.  His know-how is a result of over 20 years of international corporate life, two masters degrees in human behaviour change, and over 12 years helping leaders and their teams become their best selves to meet workplace challenges effectively. ⁣


He spends much of his time developing authentically courageous leadership through keynotes, workshops, and individual coaching. Eric is the author of Swipe Right on Your Best Self: simple steps to a bolder life with fewer regrets.⁣


What stops us from pursuing our biggest dreams in life? Why do we hold ourselves back from being fully seen and heard as our real selves professionally and personally?⁣


Most of life’s most rewarding experiences involve some degree of challenge. The quality of our lives depends to a large extent on how well we meet our challenges – the ones we choose and the ones that choose us.⁣


In the book, he shares simple strategies backed by science to meet challenges more effectively, in professional and personal life.⁣


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Eric Winters: Swipe Right on Your Best Self

Eric Winters: Swipe Right on Your Best Self

Dijana Llugolli