Escape | 5

Escape | 5

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John finds a lawyer and plots to unleash a blizzard of lawsuits against his enemies, with the aim of proving to Debra that he is the victim, in case after case. The lawyer believes her life is in danger. As her painful isolation from her family deepens, she secretly plans her escape from the marriage. 

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Linda Kennedy

the music choice is horrible

Oct 24th
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ejw o331

seriously this mother is the dumbest,weakest person I've ever heard of.

Jul 16th
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why would he write all of this to her knowing she could use it as proof... lol. i am not sure which one of these two morons is more dumb.

Jul 12th

Brooke Venning

oh NOW Deborah cares about protecting her kids? 🙄

Apr 23rd


Very interesting and set up well. Will sacre you and entertain you simultaneously!

Mar 18th

Shane Stockton Brooks

She was a victim until the police reports came out. After that, she was a volunteer.

Mar 6th

Danielle Marsh

ugh. this woman drives me nuts.....

Jan 21st
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Krisha Standifer

I don't know whether to think she's dumb, or feel bad for her bc she's obviously so lonely. But one thing for sure... her mother is a piece of shit!!

Dec 28th

Derrick Henderson

This woman's stupidity knows no limit.

Dec 25th
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Suzann Cruikshank

Why are so many people on here judging this poor woman? She is like the women who are abused but dont press charges etc...Debbie needs support, not mean rude comments. Just saying.

Dec 4th
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Emm M

I see that so many people here are quick to blame the victim in this situation. It's always easier to see abuse from the outside looking in, but when you're actually IN the relationship, it is SO much more difficult to see the wool being pulled over your eyes. This man manipulated Debbie, he figured out how to exploit her emotions to the point where she questioned everything about herself, and her family's intentions. We can see how horrible John is because he's not manipulating us. Let's not forget who the victim is here. Debbie certainly does not need to be berated, she needed help seeing John for who he is.

Nov 19th
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Shelby Perkins

I do not understand... why on Earth this lady did all this shit. lol mind blown. what on Earth makes u go back AGAIN

Nov 13th

Heidi Warkentin Bosley

This woman is so fucking stupid!!! HOW is she able to have a successful business???

Oct 16th
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Kita Hall

this woman is driving me freaking insane!!

Aug 30th
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The more episodes and the deeper into an episode the more I bug my eyes out, shake my head and drop my jaw. This lady is beyond naive and has no self respect or a motherly instinct!!!

Jul 6th

Francesca King

It seems to me that John knew her buttons. He didn't have to hit her. He used her emotions against her. He isolated her like most abusive people do. He made it so he was her only lifeline. The guy was a genius at mind games.

Jun 26th


The award for the dumbest person alive goes to.... Deb.

Feb 27th

Jessica Roche

and btw... I'm addicted to dirty john. so sad it's going to end soon.

Oct 20th
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Jessica Roche

I'm so happy that as a human with thumbs and fingers I am able to have the ability to stop a podcast that is playing inadvertently. #firstworldproblems thank you castbox for giving us amazing material for free. so glad I found you!!

Oct 20th

Brad Willard

I don't appreciate that Dirty John started playing automatically after the Ben Shapiro Show. No interest in that at all. The one bit I heard was something about sending nude pics to a girl.

Oct 13th
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Escape | 5

Escape | 5