DiscoverThe Healthy Rebellion RadioEstrogen and Soy, Detox Kits, Ketones and Blood Sugar - THRR016
Estrogen and Soy, Detox Kits, Ketones and Blood Sugar - THRR016

Estrogen and Soy, Detox Kits, Ketones and Blood Sugar - THRR016

Update: 2020-02-141


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Show Notes:

News topic du jour: Veganuary is huge. But is it really as simple as animal foods bad, plant foods good?

1. Estrogen and soy [9:04 ]
Steven says:

I'm wondering how much youve researched about the relationship between soy and estrogen and/or its estrogen mimmicking characteristics. This would be an interesting thing to explore and explain on a Q&A podcast. Thanks!


2. What Causes Insulin Resistance? [12:42 ]

Franks says:

Hello Robb and Nicki!

I am currently studying kinesiology, and there is one question I cannot get my head around. What causes insulin resistance? From my research, there are two schools of thought. One is the repeated exposure of high insulin level cause the cell to down-regulate resulting insulin resistance. The other school of thought is the fat cell, and the liver cell is so full of lipids that insulin physically can not push more sugar or fat into the cell. If the first is true, why some other peptide hormones like growth hormones, does not seem to down-regulate when there is a chronic high level of exposure. People who use even abuse MK-677, a growth hormones secretagogue, they do not seem to have a growth hormone sensitivity down-regulation. The only studies I could find is growth hormones insensitivity due to genetics. Some steroid hormones even up-regulate the receptor when exposing chronically like testosterone. If the second school of thought is true, why there are people who are lean and workout but start developing insulin resistance. Many distance runners start developing insulin resistance even they are training heavily. I wish to hear your thoughts on this. thank you! I love the work you are doing! I learned so much from your talks and Q&A.


3. Weight Loss Resistance & Detox Kits [22:24 ]
Amanda says:

Hi Rob and Nicki!

After my 3rd child (3rd c/s), I couldn't lose all of the baby weight. Even after almost 3 years, no amount of Whole30 rounds, paleo, or exercise are helping me to lose the baby pooch. A friend of mine, who is also my chiropractor, recommended I do a detox that he coaches, called True Cellular Detox ( He believes hormone imbalances due to toxins in my body are what are causing my weight loss resistance. I'm a little skeptical - what are your thoughts on these detox kits? Are there other ways of handling weight loss resistance without all of these supplements? I appreciate your help! Amanda A. from New Hampshire


4. Eating unhealthy occasionally [31:32 ]
Raysha says:

Hi Robb,

I love listening to your podcast. It has educated me so much and you have become my number source of all things nutrition. Thank you.

I eat really well most of the time, 80% paleo but with some cheese and peanut butter every day. I try to keep sugar to a minimum, but I include some fruit and gluten free crackers in my diet as well. I live away from home for most of the year and tend to go back to my hometown about 2-3 times a year. Whenever I do go home, my diet is a little relaxed. Specifically, I tend to consume more sugar and sugary beverages. This isn't everyday, but it does happen a couple of times a week. I was just wondering it this sort of thing can leave a lasting effect on my metabolism. More broadly, does eating "bad" a couple of times a month leave a lasting effect on my metabolism or health if I tend to eat relatively well most of the time? Do you have any advice to better approach my diet?

Hope you can help me with this. Thanks again for all the you are doing. Come to Asia one day!


5. Not chasing ketones or BS [39:55 ]
Josh says:

Hey guys, love your info that you give out. Keep it up! I will get to it...

1...47 year old high school weight training teacher, NH lymphoma dominator 2012 , bodybuilder and cross country coach.... I work really hard on both ends of my fitness both with weights and with trying to keep up with my kids that I coach.  Typical summer day is lift hard and heavy for an hour , sauna, run for a min of 20 or on the top end 60. Have a six pack and weigh 170. 5’8” tall

2...Adopted GAPS DIET 5 years ago keto about 3 years ago and for the last year and a half I have been carnivore and more recently (10 months) nose to tail carnivore. Always been military strict about my diet!

I am very aware of my electrolyte intake NA Potassium and mag cal. And have found a good balance so far.

Question: have always had a hard time getting into nutritional ketosis from the start. my ketones  are at .2 and my BS is at 100 always or above matter what.... Pre/post weights after runs or Middle of the night    WHAT THE HECK.  TRYING TO BE IN KETOSIS FOR CANCER REASONS BUT STILL EANT GAINS.  Eating 65% fat (beef trim and butter) 30% protein and the rest carbs (or less). Total cals about 2800 on average depending on my training cycle. Genes/diet/too much meat? Need to sup with MCT?

Tired of trying to figure it out on my own


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Estrogen and Soy, Detox Kits, Ketones and Blood Sugar - THRR016

Estrogen and Soy, Detox Kits, Ketones and Blood Sugar - THRR016