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Everyone Deserves A Second Chance w/ Cheri Garcia

Everyone Deserves A Second Chance w/ Cheri Garcia

Update: 2022-06-04


In this episode, we invite Cheri Garcia. Cheri is the CEO of Cornbread Hustle, a staffing agency for second chances. A company that helps people coming out of prison or people in recovery find meaningful employment. She is passionate about helping people coming out of prison and people in recovery find transformation through employment or entrepreneurship. As someone who has reinvented herself, she wanted to create a company to help others do the same.

Before starting Cornbread Hustle, she found her own transformation and recovery through inventing a tanning bed and starting a career in the TV news business. She eventually developed expert-level skills in marketing and PR. She continued to hone her marketing skills as a PR consultant for Mark Cuban companies. She provided strategy plans and media opportunities for a variety of the Shark Tank companies he invested in. Today, she uses those talents to help individuals getting out of prison rebrand themselves to become the person they want to be and get noticed by the people they want to meet. What she is most proud of is her sobriety and relationship with God.

What you will learn:

- Cheri’s journey since her high school days
- Her life and struggle with drugs
- Her experience of the time in Juvie
- Rehabilitation and reform
- Cheri’s recovery and transformation
- How she overcame alcohol addiction
- Her journey of enlightenment
- Shining light over your shame

Mic Drop Moments

🎤Trevor at (04:14 ) - I wanna just say that I appreciate your honesty. I love that. So I’m gonna have a mic drop for that.

🎤Cheri at (06:02 ) - The only thing on my record right now is a misdemeanor DWI that I did get while being the CEO of Cornbread Hustle and that was what really made me finally turn my life around.

🎤Cheri at (06:53 ) - God wastes nothing.

🎤Cheri at (13:00 ) - I was the wrong person.

🎤Cheri at (16:54 ) - A song came on. “Come Alive (Dry Bones).”

🎤Cheri at (18:20 ) - I got on LinkedIn and I did a selfie video as the CEO of Cornbread Hustle telling the whole world that I got a breathalyzer in my car and I’m just sharing this with you because I bet there’s other professionals that have a breathalyzer in their car and feel shame, and embarrassed and scared but I’m with you. And if this causes me to have no credibility and not place a single person then that’s just what I deserve.

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Everyone Deserves A Second Chance w/ Cheri Garcia

Everyone Deserves A Second Chance w/ Cheri Garcia

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