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Everything is F*cked | MARK MANSON

Everything is F*cked | MARK MANSON

Update: 2020-05-123


Hope is something most of us believe is a necessity in order to progress. Without it, would you be driven to do anything meaningful in your life? It’s hope that convinces you of potential rewards on the other side of your efforts. But what if the way you’ve been looking at hope isn’t help you but hindering? And, if that’s the case, is there a more practical, pragmatic way for you to approach hopefulness in a way that will serve you best?

That’s what today’s conversation is all about. I’m joined by New York Times Bestselling Author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck and Everything is F*cked, Mark Manson. We talk about the uncomfortable truth few people are willing to admit to themselves, the difference between Master Morality and Slave Morality, how everyone is driven by what he calls, “a God Value,” how pain is the universal constant, and why, in the midst of everything being horrible, you can still have hope.


  • Getting through it together
  • The new normal
  • A need for certainty
  • Create a daily structure
  • The thinking brain
  • The process of maturity
  • Social accountability
  • Implementing habits
  • Finding new behavior
  • Shifting your perception
  • The uncomfortable truth
  • Gaining approval
  • The need for meaning
  • Sharing your story
  • Instinctual morality
  • Victimhood culture


My guest today is the one and only, Mark Manson, and it’s very likely that you are already very familiar with him, or at least, his last two books, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck and Everything is F*cked.

He is a New York Times Bestselling Author and a self-described thinker and life enthusiast. Part of the reason for his tremendous success is his no BS approach to self-development. In fact, that’s the reason why I follow him and his words closely. In an environment and popular culture designed to make everyone feel good about themselves, Mark would rather bring to light the uncomfortable truths few are willing to deal with.

Guys, I think you’re going to like this one as much as I enjoyed the conversation. So, sit back, take some notes, and listen to the way it really is.


Gents, our digital brotherhood, the Iron Council continues to grow in these uncertain times. I think that’s because it’s times like these that really cause us to reflect on the type of men we are and how we’re showing up.

For a long time, I knew that I was capable of so much more but it was frustrating knowing that there was a huge gap between what I knew I was capable of and what I was actually doing.

I started hiring mentors and surrounding myself with good and capable men and that’s when things really started to take a turn for the better.

The problem for most men is that they don’t know where connect with the type of men I’m talking about. That’s what the Iron Council is for and, without beating a dead horse about it, if you want to thrive in all aspects of your life, band with other men. It really is that powerful.

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Everything is F*cked | MARK MANSON

Everything is F*cked | MARK MANSON