DiscoverZOE Science & NutritionEverything you've heard about lactose is wrong
Everything you've heard about lactose is wrong

Everything you've heard about lactose is wrong

Update: 2023-03-092


Lactose is usually only discussed in the context of intolerance. This intolerance can make us feel bloated, gassy and uncomfortable. But from cow’s milk to yoghurt and even breast milk, lactose is everywhere! So, can it really be that bad for us?

In today’s short episode of ZOE Science & Nutrition, we’re joined by Dr Will B. to find out. 

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Episode transcripts are available here.

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Teresa Ellis

Weeee! I have both allergies and intolerance! I was allergic since I was little, but when puberty kicked in, my allergy went away. It was then when I realized I couldn't digest lactose. 🙄 I still ate it and enjoyed dairy until after my second pregnancy when my dairy allergy started to come back. Now I have to avoid milk, but I miss cheese!😢 I would have been better off never losing my allergy! Ah well. It has been enough years now that I have forgotten what real cheese tastes like and vegan cheeses can fill that role to some extent.

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Everything you've heard about lactose is wrong

Everything you've heard about lactose is wrong