DiscoverLimitless MindsetEvil Causes Cancer [Interview w/Mark Sloan]
Evil Causes Cancer [Interview w/Mark Sloan]

Evil Causes Cancer [Interview w/Mark Sloan]

Update: 2020-02-171


Interview with Mark Sloan, a man on a mission and author of several books; The Cancer Industry, Cancer: The Metabolic Disease Unravelled, and Red Light Therapy: Miracle Medicine. His obsessive research is a dissection of one of the darker truths about modernity - that evil is at the root of the cancer epidemic which threatens your life and your loved ones. Read my full review of The Cancer Industry here

5:16 Mark’s cancer story
14:45 The Surgery sham
18:32 My family’s cancer story
22:37 Chronic Injury causes cancer
28:04 Non-Intervention is the Cure
32:47 Are alternative cancer treatments BS?
Book: How to Starve Cancer ...without starving yourself
35:08 Mammograms cause breast cancer
41:27 The Prostate Cancer scam
48:38 A crucial question to ask your doctor
51:12 Why evil thrives in the “healthcare” industry
Documentary: Burzynski: The Cancer Cure Cover Up
1:09:36 What to do If you’re diagnosed with cancer
1:16:54 Sodium Bicarbonate cancer treatment
1:18:27 C60 Fullerenes as a Cancer treatment
1:22:40 Does Nicotine cause Cancer?

We were going to do this as a Livecast and take listener questions about cancer, unfortunately, it didn’t work so if you have questions Mark can be contacted at

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Comments (3)

Daniel Hollis

One of my colleagues at work got diagnosed with lung cancer, got treatment yet is still smoking!! I am puzzled why

Feb 17th

Daniel Hollis

Funnily enough Mark doesn't seem to do verbal nods either :D

Feb 17th

Daniel Hollis

Verbal nods: is this something you purposefully don't do when interview people / experts? I can see arguments for and against having / not having them. Enjoying listening regardless VERY insightful! And good for me as my history with inflammatory bowell disease am at risk of bowell cancer. Apparently

Feb 17th
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Evil Causes Cancer [Interview w/Mark Sloan]

Evil Causes Cancer [Interview w/Mark Sloan]