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Evolving as a Leader • 119

Evolving as a Leader • 119

Update: 2020-02-256


This is one of my favorite episodes ever. When I started an entrepreneur, I had a lot of fear and self-doubt.

What will people think? Will it work? Will I fail publicly? Will people talk behind my back? Will they believe me?

Leaders, entrepreneurs, and coaches tend to seek growth, so we’re constantly evolving. So if you speak your truth publicly now, how will that change in the next few years? 

How do you share your story and be vulnerable while still allowing room to grow and evolve? How do you have strong beliefs while staying open to new information AND share it all publicly?

Today we’re talking to one of my favorite leaders and female entrepreneurs Libby Crow.

And I will say this episode will be enlightening whether or not you’re an entrepreneur or a leader. Libby is self-proclaimed grandmother wise soul energy and you will be able to feel it.

We will learn:

  • How to embrace your imperfections and get over your fear of saying the wrong thing as your grow your influence

  • How self care affects your compassion for others wherever they are in their journey

  • How to build your success by showing up for other people’s success

Show Notes:

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Evolving as a Leader • 119

Evolving as a Leader • 119

Melissa Monte | Mindset Mentor