Expressive Meditation with Pragito Dove

Expressive Meditation with Pragito Dove

Update: 2020-11-11


2020 has tested the most resilient of souls! This year has presented challenges that we could not have foreseen. On a whole, we are ready for healing…ready for change. In this poignant episode, we dive deep into spiritual practices to increase awareness and experience more peace, prosperity, and passion for life.

In this episode, you will learn how to:

❣️Access deep peace, relaxation, and ease.

❣️Be in the present moment to best cope with chaos.

❣️Change your fear, lack, and scarcity money blueprint.

❣️Stay the course, own your authority, and not give up.

❣️Use 3 simple steps to get anything you want.

Wise Words -

"The law of attraction is just a 1-trick pony…all it does is match and it matches your energy.”  Pragito Dove

More on Pragito:

Pragito Dove M.A. is a global authority on Expressive Meditation and the founder of the #1 Expressive Meditation Training School in N. America. An internationally recognized Author, Hypnotherapist, Coach, and Speaker with over 20 years of experience, Pragito helps entrepreneurs, leaders, and CEOs align their mindset to allow more peace, time, and financial freedom. She shows you how to change your money blueprint, recondition your mind for automatic abundance, and use Spiritual Laws to create real-world success.  Pragito has shared the stage with such luminaries as John Gray(author of Mars-Venus #1 bestsellers) Panache Desai and MITEN. Her new book “Lunchtime Enlightenment: Expressive Meditations for Manifesting Peace, Prosperity, and Passion” is published in August 2020.

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Expressive Meditation with Pragito Dove

Expressive Meditation with Pragito Dove