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FENDER Launches Player Plus Series With Destroy Boys

FENDER Launches Player Plus Series With Destroy Boys

Update: 2021-09-14


With music and the entire landscape around being a musician having to rapidly adapt to changing times – particularly in the current climate – Fender has confronted the problem head on, releasing the Player Plus Series of guitars to cater to the younger generation of guitar enthusiasts who have been locked away searching for the ultimate thrill that only music can provide.

Since capturing the world's attention with the Player Series in 2018, Fender has looked to expand and improve on the already quality product and has succeeded with the all new Player Plus Series to be released worldwide on September 15.

The sleek modern “C” necks, 12’ radius fingerboards, newly-voiced noiseless pickups, and upgraded electronics enhance the tone, playability and style of the instruments, so these artists can play longer and louder.

And what better way to launch a new line aimed at the next generation of guitarists than to invite Sacramento punk outfit Destroy Boys to showcase their product?

Hailed by many as the next great punk band, and with over 40 million streams as confirmation, Destroy Boys play hard with heavy guitar tones that radiate tuneful defiance and steely pop hooks in equal measure. As such, they require a guitar that can take the heat. Guitarist Violet Mayugba and vocalist Alexia Roditis from Destroy Boys joined HEAVY to talk about the Player Plus Series and the positive impact it has had on their sound.

We start the conversation by congratulating the girls and the position they find themselves in for a band so young in their career.

"It's very cool, they're great guitars, so we're stoked,” Alexia beamed.

Despite the perfect union between guitar and performer, particularly in the context and market Fender is going for, rarely is a band of this age – let alone nature – afforded an opportunity like this.

"We had a little bit of a relationship with one of the reps there,” Violet offered, “and Alexia and I have been back and forward playing Fender a little bit over the years too. It kind of just happened serendipitously. There was another band that was gonna be involved in some of the promo, and then they had an injury, so we decided to roll up. It's really cool. We're just super stoked to be a part of it."

"I think they wanted us to be a part of it because we play heavy ish music,” Alexia added. “It's not metal by any means, but it's distorted and the Player Plus is more for forward facing rock music. The guitar is more in your face, and the Player Plus is a good guitar for that."

With the rest of the world waiting anxiously for a first look at the Player Plus Series up close, as brand ambassadors, Destroy Boys have enjoyed one of the many perks by having early access to the guitars.

"They're sick!” Alexia enthused. “They're really well-made guitars. They sound incredible, and they have a super nice high gain pickup in the bridge, which is great for a band like us that's all about high gain. The neck is set up super well, they're just really cool guitars. And they have super cool finishes. We played the Tequila Sunrise one, it was, like, our focus guitar."

“They're also really versatile,” Violet continued. “They have a lot of different options as far as what pickup you're going into. You can get in between for all of them which isn’t how all guitars are made, so I like the versatility and the options that you have."

Two of the most noticeable additions to the Player Plus Series are the noiseless pickups and upgraded electronics which allow you to play longer and louder, two modifications which both girls agree are welcome additions.

“It's hard to improve on a guitar like a Strat,” Violet said. “It's just one of the most classic, famous guitars across the board in the history of music, but Fender seems to continue to do it. I love how it (Player Plus) sounds. When we've used Fenders in the past, we add some sort of effect or a little bit to give it an extra bump, but when we put this guitar through some pretty clean effects it sounds high gain on its own."

In the full interview Alexia and Violet talk more about the features of the Player Plus Series, how easy they are to use, their appeal to guitarists from beginner to advanced, the benefit to the music community products like Player Plus have, their new album Open Mouth Open Eyes, future plans for Destroy Boys and more.








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FENDER Launches Player Plus Series With Destroy Boys

FENDER Launches Player Plus Series With Destroy Boys

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