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FOMO, Regret, and Hot Messes

FOMO, Regret, and Hot Messes

Update: 2022-11-09


Do you have a fear of missing out (FOMO)? Do you have career regrets? Do you feel envious when your friends succeed? In this episode, Mary and Chris answer listeners’ questions about FOMO (fear of missing out), career envy,  regret, and one hot mess for cleanup.

Rethinking My Life in Minneapolis is green with envy over a friend’s success. Her FOMO is causing her to rethink her entire life. How can she get past this to find her dream job?

Not Good at Doing Good in Dallas manages philanthropy for an investment bank. She loves being able to support so many great causes and non-profits but feels tremendous guilt for all the organizations that she can’t help. How can she get past this guilt?

S**t or Get Off the Pot in Portland has a boss that wants to do everything but won’t decide anything. She is completely disorganized and is incapable of prioritizing. In short, the boss is a hot mess. What can she do to help her boss get her s**t together?

We’re here to help you succeed! Send us your workplace dilemmas or career questions. Email us: or tweet us: @cubicleconfide1. All names will be changed to protect the guilty and innocent...

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FOMO, Regret, and Hot Messes

FOMO, Regret, and Hot Messes

Mary Abbajay & Chris DeSantis