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FRENZAL RHOMB - The Gift That Keeps On Giving

FRENZAL RHOMB - The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Update: 2021-12-05


Frenzal Rhomb are like that petulant child you see at birthdays sticking all of the chocolates in his pocket and unwrapping all of the presents at somebody else’s party.
As in you don’t know who the fuck invited them, but you are also glad they did!
Since their formation in 1992 Frenzal Rhomb have been one of the finest punk exports to come out of this country, with a string of albums and songs that look at life and situations from every angle except straight on.
They are notorious for their flippant sense of humour and ability to offend even themselves, with a musical outlook that is still as fresh and vibrant nearly three decades into their career with no sign of conforming just yet.
Despite not releasing an album since 2017’s awesome High Vis – High Tea, Frenzal Rhomb are front and centre on nearly every festival lineup that has happened between lockdowns this year and leading into 2022.
They will perform at Spring Loaded, Full Tilt and Scene & Heard Festivals next year, and have also recently announced their own Gone To The Dogs tour that sees them playing from late December 2021 through to October next year.
It’s almost as if the band are going through a reverse midlife crisis where people are gravitating to their music more than ever, a point not lost on vocalist Jason Whalley.
"I know,” he nodded. “I know, right. Where were you 25 years ago? Actually, they were probably there, they were just younger. It’s pretty wild how that music still resonates with people after all these years. It’s pretty cool that people are still interested in it and want to pay us actual money to come and play in their town. It's good."
When the conversation turns to the sheer volume of shows Frenzal Rhomb has committed to for the next ten months, Whalley’s tone becomes more somber.
"We will build up some match fitness I’m sure, after we have a few goes at it,” he said, almost trying to convince himself. “Hopefully it will be second nature... I was talking to Gordy yesterday, our drummer, and I said gee, I don’t think we're even going to have a chance to rehearse before this run of 40 shows or something and he said remember last time we played and I said yeah, and he's like yeah see, it's not hard (laughs). As long as I can remember half the words I’m doing alright."
In the full interview Jay runs through some of Frenzal’s more controversial moments, fans enduring love for the band, having fun with music, some of the actual people behind some of the bands best songs, what it takes to get a song written about you, their live show, new music and more.








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FRENZAL RHOMB - The Gift That Keeps On Giving

FRENZAL RHOMB - The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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