DiscoverBusiness of HYPEFaZe Nikan of FaZe Clan & Daryl Butler of HP
FaZe Nikan of FaZe Clan & Daryl Butler of HP

FaZe Nikan of FaZe Clan & Daryl Butler of HP

Update: 2020-07-011


On today's special episode, jeff hosts a live panel discussion from OMEN with two key players in the progressive gaming industry. Nikan Nadim aka FaZe Nikan plays a large role in shaping the creative concept for major esports organization FaZe Clan. Daryl Butler is a marketing guru with over 25 years of experience and currently serves as Head of Marketing at HP (Hewlett-Packard). 

In recent years esports has skyrocketed into popularity, now becoming a billion dollar industry and soon to surpass more viewership than the NFL, MLB and NBA. Gaming is no longer a "basement activity" but a cultural norm. Companies like HP have developed a product line called OMEN, which focuses on laptops, desktops and accessories for the intent of gaming. Meanwhile groups like FaZe Clan have their own massive social following, marketing agency, apparel line, in-house production studio, talent management business, sales team and much more. Together they are both pushing the agenda of esports, especially during a time where people are finding more relevance in online communities.

In this episode they discuss not only the business aspect of gaming, but also its cultural impact. Daryl and Nikan see a bright future for gaming, firmly believing that "everyone is a gamer."

Thank you so much for tuning into the Business of HYPE. As always, thank you for tuning into HYPEBEAST Radio and Business of HYPE. Please don't forget to rate, comment and subscribe to our other shows. This episode was recorded prior to COVID-19 with the interludes recorded during. We hope you guys stay safe, wash your hands, practice social distancing and find ways to still stay inspired during this time.

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FaZe Nikan of FaZe Clan & Daryl Butler of HP

FaZe Nikan of FaZe Clan & Daryl Butler of HP