DiscoverA Date With DatelineFacing the Music S.27 Ep.35
Facing the Music S.27 Ep.35

Facing the Music S.27 Ep.35

Update: 2019-06-053


This quadruple “D” Dateline features dancing,DNA,daggers, and DJ’s- a deadly combination in a case about a young teacher from Pennsylvania Amish-adjacent country who is sadly taken too soon. Andrea Canning is on the scene in Lancaster, PA where sweater weather is in full bloom and fits right in with a gaggle of college gal pals who reminisce about being the queens of the local club scene. Kimberly and Katie try desperately to relate to the former while they discuss important items like what is in a name (nickname,DJ handle or otherwise), bridal expos and the increasing severity of Kimberly’s car blindness. Please enjoy this very, very, very special episode of A Date with Dateline.

Official Description from NBCU:

When a young school teacher in Pennsylvania is murdered, her friends wonder if the killer will be caught. Following years without an arrest, investigators discover a new tool that may finally help unlock the murderer’s identity. Can police work quickly enough to catch the suspect? Or will the killer slip away again? Andrea Canning reports.

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Facing the Music S.27 Ep.35

Facing the Music S.27 Ep.35

A Date With Dateline- Kimberly and Katie