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Faith Talks with Carolyn Poling

Faith Talks with Carolyn Poling

Update: 2019-07-25


Carolyn Poling is currently serving at Monroe First United Methodist Church in Monroe, Georgia, as the Minister of Christian Programs and Activities. She is a deacon in the North Georgia Conference and serves on the Conference Committee on Religion and Race. She has served in many churches of various sizes in children's and youth ministry in Georgia, Texas and Virginia throughout her career since going into ministry in 1996.


In Who do you say that I am? Meeting Jesus Through the Eyes of Mark, Carolyn Poling guides youth through the Gospel of Mark, helping them to define who Jesus is to them, who he says he is in scripture, and how this impacts how we live our lives.

The goal of this study is to help youth explore scripture in new ways so they can develop their own faith and put it into action. This is the mark of a true disciple.

In Mark, Jesus models for us how to live our lives as Christians, reaching out to those who are left out, offering compassion and healing. The author of Mark not only describes God’s kin-dom through Jesus’ teachings, but also models it for us. Through his actions, Jesus shows us that he has come for everyone. Therefore, God’s kin-dom is for everyone. The author’s message offers a chance to those who feel left out, cast aside, and forgotten. It offers belief to those who need physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

As youth unpack the Gospel of Mark through the four sessions, they’ll encounter the following guiding principles: Jesus stands firm in his teaching and ministry, even in the face of opposition; Jesus heals others physically and spiritually; Jesus continues to love and teach his disciples, even as they repeatedly misunderstand and misinterpret him; and Jesus’s ministry, death, and resurrection offers hope for us today—particularly those who are suffering, marginalized and forgotten. In each session, youth will take what they’ve learned and explore how this applies in their own lives and how they live out their faith.


Faith Talks is hosted by Jennifer R Farmer, Spotlight PR.
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Faith Talks with Carolyn Poling

Faith Talks with Carolyn Poling

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