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Faith Talks with Cindy Johnson

Faith Talks with Cindy Johnson

Update: 2019-08-30


Even before the mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, where the accused shooter voiced anti-immigrant sentiments, there were concerns about the treatment of migrants at the border. Our hearts broke when we heard stories of children separated from their families, and when we saw images of children held in cages and sleeping on concrete, shielded by nothing other than a flimsy aluminum blanket. You’ve seen the pictures and heard the stories. Now, we’d like you to hear directly from a deaconess with the Office of Deaconess and Home Missioner, Cindy Johnson.

Deaconess Johnson is a consultant for the Office Deaconess and Home Missioner. She has lived in Brownsville, Texas her entire life and has made service to migrants a staple of her ministry. Deac. Johnson has worked at respite centers, volunteered at shelters for refugees and even traveled to Mexico to food and medical care to people imprisoned there. Her ministry is one of service, service to those in dire need. Deac. Johnson is the tip of the spear when it comes to serving our immigrant sisters and brothers. Many of you have served as well or know of others who serve. We now want to provide a platform to share the stories of those who have sown seeds of compassion and love.

During this special United Methodist Women Faith Talks, Deac. Johnson will discuss the calling women of faith have in this moment. She will discuss how the training United Methodist Women provides enables our members to serve at such a time as this. She will discuss what is needed to address global migration and offer tips on what each of us can do to help; whether we live in a border community or not.

You do not have to have loved ones who are immigrants to imagine the desperation of people at our borders. You simply must have the capacity to see the humanity of others.

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Faith Talks with Cindy Johnson

Faith Talks with Cindy Johnson

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