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Family of Fine-Tuned Females

Family of Fine-Tuned Females

Update: 2020-01-24


E68 - Today is a little indulgent as we talk about singing talent within our family. What can I say? A proud mom, an auntie, and a grandma are all involved! You’ll hear Charlotte’s sweet little voice singing James Taylor, and a conversation with our mom, Joyce Carter, on how she came to be a music major with a full scholarship to the University of Arizona. Find out our connections with Linda Ronstadt and Bing Crosby, and hear our grandparents’ WWII love story! We finish by discussing parenting with takeaways for me to connect my kids to nature and to spend more quality time with them nurturing their talents and gifts.

At A Glance:

0:00-4:30 Los Angeles vs San Diego, back to work at The Rookie

4:30-6:02 Lexicon of sixties, fashion of twenties

7:05-10:01 Snowbirds, horses, theater camp, tucking kids in at night

10:01-11:57 Charlotte singing, Weens wants to momageer

11:57-13:14 Kids personalities, nature vs nurture, shyness

13:14-15:39 Interview with Mom:  musical family in the 1950s

15:39-19:00 Childhood in Texas, church choir, in family quartet

19:00-23:05 Tucson Arizona All State Choir, University of Arizona scholarship life

23:05-26:36 The Linda Ronstadt story. Did mom miss fame by staying in school and having babies?

26:36-29:02 How to get a shy child comfortable singing

29:02-33:11 Grandma’s and Grandpa’s WWII love story

33:11-37:36 The Bing Crosby story

37:36-43:11 Parenting in digital age, back to nature, quality time, nurture talent

43:11-45:17 Conclusion and Charlotte singing James Taylor

Podcast Promo: Boobies & Noobies

Song credit: “Fire and Rain” cover by Charlotte Kohn

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Family of Fine-Tuned Females

Family of Fine-Tuned Females

Julianne Eggold and Joelle Kohn