Discoverfanboyforecast's podcastFanboy Forecast (Show #062) Salt and Sanctuary (Videogame)
Fanboy Forecast (Show #062) Salt and Sanctuary (Videogame)

Fanboy Forecast (Show #062) Salt and Sanctuary (Videogame)

Update: 2017-03-07


I’m back for another episode of the Fanboy Forecast. This week I talk about a first and the 1st “Souls-like” game I have ever beaten.

Salt and Sanctuary takes the elements and mechanics of the Dark Souls series and implements them brilliantly on a 2D plane.

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the uh being kind and on the King the the uh the the lows welcomes of sixty two the fanboy forecast shows Bryce won it today I wouldn't get down and salty and talk about the first souls like game I ever be Sultan sanctuary I've always respected the soles genre from afar but never was able to get any of them the types of games I'm referring to art even souls The Dark souls games blood born et-cetera They are known for being rather difficult games that punish a player pre severely for sloppy play and quite frankly every time I tried one I got my ass kicked however song Sanctuary really clicked with me and I think the reasons the most obvious one saw six race into the game and that me feel a lot more comfortable with it the city hosts on sentry bars from the soles games particularly dark souls wanted to get for lack of originality I think begin to praise however for abilities prove a mechanic so well into the plane but after a pair since the Seoul Games what is sought sanctuary is a two D action RPG set a world that seem much better days have been shipwrecked you wake up on the shores of a mysterious island with a mission to save the princess that was on the ship as well that's kind of basically if a set up the game goes for Less is More approach to storytelling we allow things up for interpretation for the player but because of the reason you travel to many horrific locations of battle very dangerous enemies sought sanctuary is not a hack n slash game even low level enemies can wreck you real fast if ya Prescott with the plan is a precision for me this took a little while at some point just click the game and for being very punishing tax really satisfied patients is certainly a virtue that will take you far in this game every enemy defeated feel like a well earned victory especially the bosses of which start on of them in this game is the boss battles where you'll surely be put to the test you'll died in the first few tries no doubt when you take them down it feels really really good also saves as the bosses the game offers a great variety of enemies throughout the entire experience the game has made different comments dollars fee to play I went with a heavy armor great sword wielding build but other options such as bills to depend on magic or speed certainly exists and wants me to videos are very viable I should save your financial starting care choice you made up your alley after playing for a little there's nothing stop you from speck in a different direction on skill tree ISIS are you falling silent have to play the better for me I started as a sword and shield will their slightly less armored booked up my arm or a ditch my shield for bigger sword later in the game also sometimes depending on the boss I would just completely change my armor set to something super light to die quick boss attacks are extremely fire resistant or bosses as strong fire tax figure out these tricks to help you defeat a boss as the satisfaction of a cushion them my biggest criticism of the armor and weapon system is that's not very easy to compare stats of weapons and armor I found myself having to highlight one piece of armor made of it or remember a number and scroll around to the other piece of armor to compare Pete for each stat the game would have really benefited from a method allows easier comparisons not just comparison what you're wearing what's in your inventory their loss as keep track of as you play with most imports as your insurance which dictates how much heavy cooking you can wear the combined weight of your armor dictates how fast you can to evade rolls and they are critical in this game having to be a speed rollover fat rolls extremely advantageous this game for example a less Island the hard way many times as an RPG experience points his salt would you cash in centuries to level up hence the name of the game grind is not really something worth doing from a Level E aspect you might try answer an easy A I and routes but really not need to get salt if you die you leave all you saw with the enemy that killed you if you kill the enemy kill us all back but he die all in cream sauce last forever thus they said punishing sloppy play the century ask the game is basically checkpoints do not want to carry loss on you since you could lose it so you'll likely be busy centuries often to cash in for levels to avoid this risk there are numerous crease to be a member of in this game I stuck one of the creeds offered early on but you can convert its goal on the game I remember when you convert to the creed you're older to view you as hostile also centuries you can summon NPCs edges murders of blacks Misty or tries to sell your goods and services for Salt become as Allstate revolves weekend heavy attacks as well as DoD role in blocking if you're good enough you could even try to Parry attacks last second or to let you get a real critical hit in but I never really got good at that and I was able to make to the game just fine perhaps the parents it is more needed a different type of care to build the game does have some platform but nothing too difficult this is not a platform or even notice two D and you can jump almost always comment is the focus as you progress you'll gain new abilities or help you reach previously in accessible areas not unlike a matter of a new game saying the mystery the story aside saucer is a game does not slay some it's more advanced mechanics up front for example changing creeds and the consequences of doing so being one of them I met I did up here a couple times to figure out what some serious item I had data where to find something but I try to fix about most of myself it's like the right thing to do was look at the game I think the environment so great I think the enemies look great but the characters you play as look a little weird kind of bug eyed like me always want to dive into a souls like game but felt they were too challenging I think some stitchery worth a look if nothing else allow me to understand why does John are so beloved by so many people more about the link one five one iie shall take to the steam page I personally played to completion on the PS for also the free city comes to questions the priced of Generation debt that's it for me and till next time take care
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Fanboy Forecast (Show #062) Salt and Sanctuary (Videogame)

Fanboy Forecast (Show #062) Salt and Sanctuary (Videogame)