DiscoverGENIUS DESIGN TRANSCENDS TIMEFashion and Crime: Alain Bauer on Sustainability, Crisis Management and The Face Mask
Fashion and Crime: Alain Bauer on Sustainability, Crisis Management and The Face Mask

Fashion and Crime: Alain Bauer on Sustainability, Crisis Management and The Face Mask

Update: 2020-06-13


Welcome to the Genius Design Transcends Time Podcast: Where Fashion and Health Connect. 

In today's episode Andrea Alexa Smith and world-renowned French criminologist Alain Bauer talk about fashion and crime and its role in social conditioning and belonging, mapping the supply chain and effective data control for promoting a healthier, safer and more sustainable world.  Alain shares his unique insight into the focus of today’s fashion supply chain on protecting trademarks, reducing counterfeit products, preventing child labor, reducing usage of natural resources, reducing waste, preventing chemical pollution and illegal disposal of waste in other countries, and moving towards sustainability for the worker, the community and the environment. 

Alain says this crisis is the last alarm before the big one and that the big one is coming and face masks are here to stay.  Alain says the fashion industry should feature the face mask on the runways this upcoming season and introduce better looking and more functional face-masks as the fashion designers have a huge influence on the public.


Alain Bauer is a world-renowned French criminologist and former Security Advisor to French Prime Minister Michel Rocard and with almost every new administration since 1988. President Nicholas Sarkozy appointed him to reorganize the French system on security and strategy, focusing on the creation of a National Security Council. 

Alain is widely respected for his work against racism, anti-Semitism and discrimination.  Alain is Commander of the Legion of Honour.  

Alain Bauer is a consultant to the New York Police Department, the Los Angeles Police Department, and the Surete du Quebec in Canada. 

He is member of the OECD Task Force on Charting Illicit Trade, and is Member of the EUROPOL SOCTA’s Academic Advisory Group.

Alain was President of The National Private Security Regulation Council from 2012-2017, President of the Strategic Research High Council to the President and Prime Minister of the French Republic from 2009-2019, President of French National Crime Commission from 2003-2013, Co-president of the mission for the White Book on Public Security from 2010-2011, President of Working Group on Custom Files from 2009-2010, President of the Strategic Security Mission to the President from 2007-2010, President of the Police Files Control Group from 2006-2008, Vice-President of Francopol since 2009, Member of the Honorary Committee of the International League Against Racism and Antisemitism since 2003, Former member of the High Authority against Discrimination from 2005-2007, Former member of the National Commission for Human Rights from 2000-2003 and Former Vice President of the Sorbonne University in Paris from 1981-1988. 

Alain is Editor of the International Journal on Criminology and Member of The Advisory Board of Prism, Center for Complex Organizations, National Defense University, Washington DC.

Alain’s criminological and strategic books range on topics from violence in insecure urban environments, global security, the enigma of Al Qaeda, Criminology in the United States, Criminology in France, global crime, history of medicine in criminal identification, statistics in criminals and victimization, terrorism, counter terrorism, transnational criminology, public security and strategy,  video surveillance and protection, football,  and violence in society today.

Alain is Professor, Chair of Criminology, at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts, Chair of the Police Crimes and Sciences at the Security Management MBA, Senior Fellow at the Terrorist Center of John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, Senior Fellow at the Law and Political Science University in Beijing, and Associate Professor at Fudan University in Shanghai.









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Fashion and Crime: Alain Bauer on Sustainability, Crisis Management and The Face Mask

Fashion and Crime: Alain Bauer on Sustainability, Crisis Management and The Face Mask

Andrea Alexa Smith