DiscoverHigh Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MSFasting: Why I Stopped and Am Doing This Instead
Fasting: Why I Stopped and Am Doing This Instead

Fasting: Why I Stopped and Am Doing This Instead

Update: 2022-07-03


New research finds exercise offers many of the same health benefits linked with intermittent and prolonged fasting. Here’s why you may want to consider backed off on fasting and focus on these types of exercises, instead.  

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01:45 Fasting protocols are used to improve aspects of health.

02:30 There are downsides to fasting. In some circumstances, it can increase protein catabolism and mess with hormones.

04:10 Prolonged fasting is for people who are sedentary.

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05:40 Exercising fasted does not lead to a good workout.

08:45 Prolonged fasting accelerates muscle loss.

09:15 Muscle Quality Index: muscle quality is linked to prevention of age-related diseases.

11:57 Exercise accelerates the same mechanisms that increase with fasting.

13:00 In a prolonged fast, you deplete liver and muscle glycogen, dropping your blood glucose.

13:50 Resistance training paired with time restricted feeding is the best of both worlds.

16:10 Mike feels better and is getting stronger now that he has backed off on his fasting frequency, intensity, and duration.

18:00 Ketones (BHB) help prevent muscle catabolism.

19:00 If you are insulin resistant and you lack the transport mechanisms to deliver ketone bodies into your muscles, your body will try to make glucose out of the amino acids in muscle.

21:25 Your ancestors ate heartily in summer when food was abundant and fasted in winter when food is scarce.

22:25 For body composition, stop eating at least 3 hours before your desired bedtime.

23:40 The minimum effective amount of fasting is 12 – 14 hours.

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27:35 If something isn’t working for you, it is time to change it up.

29:25 Exercise induces autophagy with greater intensity and more quickly than fasting.

35:11 Exercise at the same time every day.

38:15 Multiple resistance training sessions during the day can be as effective as all at once.

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Fasting: Why I Stopped and Am Doing This Instead

Fasting: Why I Stopped and Am Doing This Instead