DiscoverAging GreatFULLy with Holley KelleyFeast of Gratitudes with Holley Kelley
Feast of Gratitudes with Holley Kelley

Feast of Gratitudes with Holley Kelley

Update: 2020-11-25


In this special “Feast of Gratitudes” Giving Thanks episode we invite everyone to join us at our Aging GreatFULLy Thanksgiving Table and we welcome you across the miles and through the airwaves, for an alternative holiday gathering!
And whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, this is a Giving Thanks show that everyone will appreciate and enjoy! I tell you weekly that “age is just a number” and to “never act your age” and this week, we’re putting it to the test. In our youth, our creative imaginings were limitless with tea parties and creative play, we brought fantasy to life with our mind’s boundless entertaining.
So, as you listen along today, channel your childlike imagination, as we welcome you to our virtual Thanksgiving table to pretend dine together to enjoy our most festive and delicious holiday food and fare, we’ll be imaginatively enjoying as we toast our way through a delicious Thanksgiving Feast of Gratitudes.
We invite you to journal along, as we share an abundance of gratitudes, many shared from you out there. So, grab a pen and paper or your iPad journal throughout the hour. And you’ll also want to note the amazing recipes we’ll be sharing that you’ll want to bake up either for this holiday or future ones to come. You can find them all listed conveniently on my website with clickable links here at:
But a pre-show warming, we are certain this unconventional episode will make you very hungry! So, we do recommend having some snacks nearby too as you listen along too! But this not-so-ordinary episode will also elevate your gratitude meter in immeasurable ways, bring smiles, prompt appreciations and remind us that with gratitude in our heart, every day is like Thanksgiving.
For those who may be facing this holiday alone, we hope this episode will in some ways bring comfort, friendship, gathering and fill your heart with intense gratitude and warmth as we toast our way through the hour and share so many amazing reasons to be grateful. A show that definitely elevates the spirit, makes your mouth water taps into the childlike wonder in each of us, but most of all, reminds us that regardless of what life doles out, there is always plenty to be grateful for!
We wish everyone an amazing and safe Thanksgiving and may we remember that every day is a reason for Giving Thanks. I appreciate every listener! I am grateful for you! You rock, you role model! I wish you safety, health, happiness and joy! May you each live gratitude!
If you enjoy this episode please leave us a show review on your favorite platform or share it with a friend or family member. To connect with us, stream, download, share or subscribe, visit our official host page at We broadcast every Friday on the CTR Network at 11amPT. We are on nearly every podcast platform available including Amazon Alexa. Just search Aging GreatFULLy with Holley Kelley! Thank you for listening to the Aging GreatFULLy Show! We appreciate our most amazing listeners around the world!
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Feast of Gratitudes with Holley Kelley

Feast of Gratitudes with Holley Kelley

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