DiscoverCatholic Women PreachFebruary 17, 2019: Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
February 17, 2019: Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

February 17, 2019: Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Update: 2019-02-14


Preaching for the Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Jennifer Owens-Jofré Preaches offers a reflection on hope. "How might we practice hope in the face of disheartening circumstances?," she asks.

For her, practicing hope is bound up in our work to partner with God in bringing about the Kin-dom here and now: "Let us become a people of radical Christian hope.  Let us place our faith in the Kin-dom that is to come. Let us embrace our charge to partner with God in bringing that Kin-dom about, in the here and now."  

Jennifer Owens-Jofré recently completed her doctoral studies at Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA.  Currently, she serves as Visiting Assistant Professor of Constructive Theology at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary through a Postdoctoral Fellowship with the Louisville Institute.  

Visit to read Jennifer's text and for more preaching from Catholic Women.

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December 25, 2018: Christmas
Yadira Vieyra Alvarez preaches for Christmas, offering a reflection on living Christmas joy, even in difficult times: "We must remember, however, that receiving this child is a decision. If we do not accept and embrace the presence of Jesus in our daily lives, of what use is his peaceful dominion? If we do not have peace in our families, our homes, our marriages, our communities, of what use is God’s offering to us?"  Yadira Vieyra Alvarez was appointed as an auditor at the 2018 Synod of Bishops on Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment and represented the immigrant community in the United States.  Yadira Vieyra Alvarez is Research Specialist at the School of Social Service Administration at The University of Chicago, where she works on evaluating the effectiveness of doula home visiting services being provided to adolescent mothers. Yadira is also collaborating with the University of Chicago at Illinois and Immaculate Conception Parish in Brighton Park through “Fortaleciendo mi familia” – a series of sessions aimed at bringing low-intensity cognitive behavioral therapy and psychosocial support to Mexican immigrant families experiencing distress, anxiety, and depression due to exposure to community violence, financial challenges, and migration-related worries. She attended Cristo Rey Jesuit High School and later moved to Washington D.C. where she completed her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Theology from Georgetown University. She received her Masters of Science from Erikson Institute in Chicago, a premier graduate school in early child development. As part of her commitment to urban Catholic Education, Yadira has also served in a variety of ministerial and catechetical roles including the Leadership Advisory Council at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School.   Visit to read Yadira's text, and for more preaching from Catholic women.
December 16, 2018: Third Sunday of Advent
Elyse Gallway preaches for the Third Sunday of Advent -- Guadete Sunday -- offering a reflection on developing and nurturing a disposition of joy, regardless of our circumstances: "Paul understood that happiness is ultimately a choice. One that is built upon an awareness and acceptance of God’s presence and power operating in our lives."Elyse Galloway is a Maryland native, receiving bachelor degrees in anthropology and community health from Tufts University, and holds a master’s degree in public health from the Yale University. At both institutions, Elyse dedicated her time to extracurricular activities promoting community engagement and leadership development. She was a proud member of the Saint Thomas More Graduate Council and active supporter Afro-American Cultural Center at Yale, receiving the Khalid Lum Leadership Award which recognizes the efforts of a graduate student who has devoted tremendous leadership to the House and its community.Having worked for a variety of government and non-profit entities, including the National Human Genome Research Institute at the National Institutes of Health and Sesame Workshop, Elyse continues developing her passion for minimizing the gap between science and society through communications. Elyse aspires to transform the valuable takeaways of research into engaging deliverables, advancing progress and empowerment of individual and community level health.Visit to view Elyse's video and read her text and for more preaching on the Sunday scriptures from Catholic women.
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February 17, 2019: Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

February 17, 2019: Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time