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Felon 2 Fortune with Teddy Moreno

Felon 2 Fortune with Teddy Moreno

Update: 2019-01-08


Teddy Moreno is a multi-hyphenate. Actor, Writer, Producer, Self-Published Author and Entrepreneur. Regardless of his felony history, he's not only always been able to hold down a 9 to 5 to pay his bills, but he was also always maintained a positive attitude and refused to let anything or anyone stop him from achieving a goal with 8 published books, the latest being the motivational book Felon 2 Fortune.

Teddy is always looking for ways to help others that have come through the correctional system to succeed. His core belief is "anything is possible with enough hard work and focus." His newest idea and endeavor is the website ThinkersThrive.Com which should be up and running before the end of 2018 and will allow an average person with zero connections to be able to have an idea, connect with others who may have similar ideas, flush them out together and eventually find a way to bring that new product or service to the world to help make it a better place. ThinkersThrive.Com, Where Collaboration is King.

This week on my podcast, I had the pleasure of having Teddy Moreno on the show. He's a former felon, and author, former actor and overall entrepreneur. Please enjoy his story as he shares his insights from what he learned through his mistakes and also what he's doing now in the future to help others and give back to society. It was a fascinating interview for me. His crime was something that to be honest is a little bit tough for me to put out there. But at the same time, I truly believe everybody deserves a second chance. This podcast is not about judging others. So I took it upon myself to make sure I got his message out there and shared it with other people because I found him to be a very interesting, honest, ethical, and upright forthright person and I greatly appreciated the fact that he reached out to me randomly in Linkedin for us to connect in order to do the show together. So please welcome Teddy Moreno. Listen to his story, and I hope you'll support him after the show.


“Forgiving ourselves is the toughest thing to do.”

– Teddy Moreno


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Topics Covered


00:44 – Teddy’s background and his backstory, his transition back to society after being incarcerated

08:50 – How joining Defy Ventures helped him

27:26 – How he overcame shame from what he did

34:45 – Talking about the process of forgiving yourself and holding yourself accountable for your actions

36:36 – The gift of reset as explained by Greg Paul

38:58 – Importance of being direct and honest for you to move forward with your life




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Felon 2 Fortune with Teddy Moreno

Felon 2 Fortune with Teddy Moreno