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Fetch Me A Renaissance Italy Nostalgia!

Fetch Me A Renaissance Italy Nostalgia!

Update: 2020-09-07


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  • The whale shark's incredibly dumb face.

  • Lilite Satanist Narnia.

  • The Satanist version of what Narnia is to Christians and Golden Compass is to atheists.

  • Telling your best friend about the magical key you just found and going off together to have adventures.

  • Suddenly becoming monarch of a place you've never heard of and having to set policy when you're thirteen years old and have never taken an economics class in your life and also it's a magical kingdom so it uses magic economics anyway.

  • Building a paradise for people against their will.

  • Seeing enough sexism that you have to invent a splinter sect to get rid of it.

  • Nostalgic fiction from people with really weird backgrounds.

  • An 80s-ass computer terminal with an extremely full ashtray next to it.

  • Nostalgia for 16th century Polynesia.

  • Second-hand nostalgia.

  • Going on a quest to find the voice actor of a beloved video game.

  • Whether or not Sega is currently producing another Super Monkey Ball.

  • Whether or not you should monkey some balls.

  • Turning dials at the edge of a board and a ball bearing falls into a hole.

  • Going into the recording both with no context for the lines you are about to read.

  • Actors reading individual lines in a vacuum rather than reacting to each other.

  • Not having a good way to order the lines in your branching script so you deliver the lines to the actor in alphabetical order.

  • Using CD audio to store your sounds so you can only have 99 individual things you can play.

  • The last of the Guild of Weavers.

  • All the adults getting turned into swans and flying away.

  • An adventure game where you play a sequence of notes to select a verb.

  • Not having perfect pitch but being glad that there is a game mode for people who do.

  • Trying to summon a demon from beyond time.

  • Escaping reality with the other Weavers and all your friends are horrifically murdered and their ghosts are angry at you.

  • Pointing a decompiler at the game and typing in Pascal until it basically matches.

  • Comparing two executables by loading them both in a decompiler, rapidly switching between the windows and looking for differences on the screen.

  • Using the decompiler released by the NSA to reverse engineer ZZT, so you know the NSA must've reverse-engineered ZZT internally decades ago.

  • Whether or not the ZZT source code was lost in an interesting way.

  • How ZZT and Unreal were both sold as a video game but really the part people were interested in was the level editor.

  • More man-hours than a man has.

  • MMO developers releasing the client source code but not being allowed to release the server source code.

  • Nobody wanting to port a million line code base to another language.

  • Doing your best to elide over the more boring details.

  • Fixing about 30 complier errors and getting about another 30 because the compiler doesn't have great error recovery.

  • Going back to Flickr to find even higher resolution photos of bugs having sex.

  • Changing all the stars on the American flag to bugs.

  • What was going on in France.

  • How to fix the problem when your game is crashing in France.

  • One browser interpreting your integer as a percentage and the other interpreting it as a decimal.

  • Upending all of science because it's easier than disabling auto-formatting dates in Excel.

  • Approaching a project with the design goal of being as outrageous as possible.

  • Playing a game where you're unsure whether the time it crashed was intentional.

  • The rigid set of best practices for using snack foods to ensure machinery keeps working correctly.

  • The Van Halen brown M&M story as a conscientiousness filter.

  • That time Van Halen refused to play because there were brown M&Ms backstage and also the stage wasn't strong enough to hold all their equipment.

  • Rules that exist mostly as a way to determine how much the participant cares about being a good member of the community.

  • Forgetting your girlfriend's birthday and going back in time to get her a present.

  • Spending all day evaluating your list of people you might want to castrate.

  • Satanists ritually sacrificing themselves.

  • Being attacked by necromantically re-animated yak hooves and hair.

  • Your memories of seeing a lovely waterfall being amputated and necromantically re-animated and trying to drown you and it's extremely unclear how to kill the memory of a waterfall.

  • The process of getting dwarves to a place where they can do dwarf stuff.

  • Sadness that the badgers never made it into Faeries vs. Badgers.

  • A son waking up any minute now.

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Fetch Me A Renaissance Italy Nostalgia!

Fetch Me A Renaissance Italy Nostalgia!

Jim Stormdancer