DiscoverProfessional TroublemakerFight Your Fear – BONUS Episode 12
Fight Your Fear – BONUS Episode 12

Fight Your Fear – BONUS Episode 12

Update: 2020-08-184


On this episode of Rants & Randomness, we’re sharing an excerpt of an IG Live Luvvie did last week on fear and imposter syndrome. Luvvie had a recent conversation with her boo Bozoma Saint John (@badassboz) on how imposter syndrome changes and shifts during your career and the LuvvCousins in LuvvNation and folks who saw the live on Instagram had a lot of follow up questions about it.

This bonus episode goes into those follow up questions and has Luvvie preaching on how imposter syndrome is something you always need to fight, why you need to accept your calling before you get shamed into it, and how find the confidence to share your dreams with others.

After you listen, don’t miss the chance to sign up for a follow up class on Thursday, August 20 at 6:00 pm Central. Visit for more information.

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nya M

Hi Livvie, what are the chances of me hearing about this on Friday 21 August. the day AFTER the webinar. I've only just listened to your podcast.. will it be available to purchase? I'll pay for this!!!

Aug 21st








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Fight Your Fear – BONUS Episode 12

Fight Your Fear – BONUS Episode 12

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