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Fight for Our Lives w/  Doug Gordon

Fight for Our Lives w/ Doug Gordon

Update: 2021-02-26


Show Notes:

You can pretty much count on it - anytime there's a proposal to install a bike lane or pedestrian crossing that might inconvenience or slow down motor vehicle traffic in any amount, no matter how small, there's a chorus of screams from a vocal minority of haters that this is clearly evidence of a vicious "A War on Cars" most likely being waged upon an unsuspecting and helpless public by the "All-Powerful Bicycle Lobby"

It would be such silly laughable bluster if it wasn't so important and serious that we take immediate strides in this fight to create safer more vibrant environments for everyone, including our most vulnerable roadway users, those walking, cycling, in wheelchairs, or even on scooters.

So in typical "tongue-in-cheek" New York style, when Doug and his co-hosts, Aaron Naparstek and Sarah Goodyear decided to launch a podcast, The War on Cars was a natural moniker to poke fun at the ridiculous rhetoric.
John and Doug dive "deep into the weeds" that these challenges represent, the progress being made, and how advocates make an impact in their own communities.

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Fight for Our Lives w/  Doug Gordon

Fight for Our Lives w/ Doug Gordon

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